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Among Us Apk 2021.12.15 (Always Imposter, Mod Meu)

Innersloth LLC
Name Among Us
Offered By Innersloth LLC
Version 2021.12.15
Size 124M
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Updated January 13, 2022
MOD Features (Unlocked Everything)
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What Is Among Us?

Among Us is a secret-agent puzzle game, inspired by old Spy vs. Spy comics and stylish TV shows like Chuck. Lead your secret agent to victory in exciting and dangerous missions around the world, while uncovering an intriguing story with lots of twists! Solve brain-teasing puzzles using your skills as a secret agent: espionage, infiltration, cryptography, martial arts… Each level can be completed in many different ways – how will you defeat yours? Replay levels again and again on higher difficulty settings for hours of additional fun!

(Note: you need at least 1 star to unlock new levels) Engage in an exciting story full of intrigue – or just cut straight to gameplay! Meet colorful characters who will help or hinder you along your way. They don’t always act rationally, so use your wits to make sure they don’t end up sabotaging your mission!

Can you figure out what’s really going on? How far do these conspiracies go? 《Important Notes》 This game is free to download and play but offers some optional items that require payment. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you do not want to use them. Our business model is free-to-play+monetization so rest assured – all additional content that enhances game play will be purely cosmetic & optional!! In-game currency/points are used for optional in-game upgrades such as extra moves or lives.

What Is Among Us Apk?

Among Us is a PC game that was released for Microsoft Windows on April 10, 2015. Among Us is a text-based narrative adventure where you take on role of a young girl named Vella who lives in an isolated village called Stone Harbor.

She’s always been told never to leave town, but when her father goes missing, she has no choice but to escape and find him herself. The game is currently only available for Windows via Steam, but it will also soon be coming to Mac and Linux platforms.

There are also plans to release an Android version in early 2016. Among Us has received mostly positive reviews from critics, holding aggregate scores of 80% on GameRankings and 79/100 on Metacritic. Critics praised its story, writing style, graphics and soundtrack.

However, some noted repetitive puzzles, audio glitches and tediousness towards later parts of the game. That’s all we have for now for Among Us Mod Apk Free Download Full Version; if there’s anything else you’d like to share about it or any other related content then please let us know in comments section below!

How To Play Among Us Apk?

To play Among Us APK first you need to download Among Us APK and install Among Us apk file on your Android smartphone. If you’re ready to go back in time, feel like a super-spy or test out your shooting skills, Among Us is what you need! In our latest game, being a good agent means moving stealthily through different settings and avoiding detection at all costs.

To complete an assignment, you’ll have to choose from a variety of different weapons and characters with unique skills. And if things get hairy, among us mod apks can be used in an emergency! This exciting game for Android is about more than just staying alive: you’ll have special missions to complete as well as bonus levels where you can earn extra cash by completing quick challenges!

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Among Us Gameplay

In Among Us, you control various types of entities that have to use their skills and survive by destroying other entities. You can play as humans, animals or plants, each with its own different abilities. Fight your way through waves of aliens in levels designed for fast-paced and frantic gameplay.

Fight hordes of giant insects or dodge giant carnivorous plants… In Among Us, you fight as one of three type of characters: a human being, an animal or a plant that has mutated because of toxic waste. Survive in an apocalyptical world where only those who adapt can make it!

Download Among Us mod apk now! Besides playing on single mode, Among Us also offers 6 different game modes that will keep you coming back over and over again. Each of these game modes will allow you to unlock new weapons for your arsenal and earn more gems to evolve yourself further. Of course, if human beings are not enough, you’ll be able to unlock new species by earning special points.

This will give even more depth to what was already considered a well developed multiplayer shooter game. So start fighting against everything around! Destroy nature itself or eradicate mankind from existence! Download Apk Mod Unlimited Money To buy all Weapons & Unlock All Species (MONEY). And hack some extra money from Store too!

Among Us Features

High-quality graphics. Plenty of mysteries and tasks to solve in an atmosphere of fear and terror. Numerous locations: a suburban neighborhood, an abandoned asylum, a farmhouse in the woods, and more. Solve various puzzles; look for hidden items; collect valuable inventory items.

Two game modes: Adventure (for beginners) and Nightmare (for experienced Among The Sleep players). A large, coherent world filled with real peculiarities: notes, memos, newspaper clippings, secret codes… Story by Jo-Mei Games from No Code production company (creator of Bientôt l’été), composed by Mikkel Mainz Kristiansen (The Ministry Of Sin). Music composed by Elias Wikstøl Halstead. Graphics created using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 software.

New user interface developed for console controllers—specifically Xbox One controller. Polished audio/video presentation throughout.* Immerse yourself in realistic environments, where every action has a consequence…* Explore your dark subconsciousness during a rainstorm as you remember what happened that night on that long ago summer afternoon.

* Make your way through distorted memories as they come flooding back… Don’t get caught off guard by new terrors though!* Your grandma is crazy! She keeps telling you that there are creatures who live among us—and she’s right!

Play Online

Find a sandbox or a place where you feel comfortable letting your children play unsupervised. You can use among us apk as an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours and take care of errands that you have been putting off. Among us android game is a simple game that will keep kids entertained for hours, though there are also several other games that are similar in nature and feature more levels and bonus games. These all give you another way to relax, de-stress, and rejuvenate while your kids stay busy with something they enjoy.

4-15 Players As You Attempt To Prep Your Spaceship For Departure

Among us! is among us, you and your friends take turns trying to escape from an alien vessel without setting off any alarm, while getting as many supplies as possible. Each player can split into two teams where each team will move separately (one at a time). If you’re feeling adventurous and can work well with your friends, go ahead and make every member of your team a different color because it definitely helps when playing a short game of Among Us. The goal of Among Us is to collect 9 items which are placed throughout six floors each consisting three rooms that connects with two hallways. After all players have finished their actions one at a time they all meet back up in what I call elevator room.

How To Download Among Us Apk?

See how to install among us app on your phone. If you don’t know what is a .apk file, and don’t know how to install apps outside google play read How To Install An Android App . Get Complete Step by Step Tutorials With Screenshots Here ! Learn How To Play Among Us Game First!

Although there are many tips and tricks for winning game, we suggest that you should learn game basics first. Take a look at our various online guides which can help you getting started and learn everything about playing Among Us game with ease. Follow all guides carefully, because if any step goes wrong during Among Us installation, or while playing game you may get stuck in infinite loading screen or unable to load data error and finally loose your patience and quit playing AmongUsGame forever!