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Apolo Launcher Pro Apk (Unlimited Thems & Launcher)

Mad Seven
Name Apolo Launcher Pro
Offered By Mad Seven
Version 2.0.7
Size 27M
Get it On GooglePlay
Updated January 4, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited Thems
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Apolo Launcher Pro Apk, you can use the best home screen replacement app Apolo Launcher pro android application to replace your stock home screen and personalize your Android device with the new home screen that has beautiful design and powerful features.

Many people are looking to download apolo launcher pro apk file to change their launcher and get a unique Android user experience. If you too want to try this amazing application, then follow this article as we will help you to download apolo launcher pro apk.

What Is Apolo Launcher?

If you’re an Android user who loves to change up their home screen, then you’ve probably tried a lot of home screen launchers. Some are just basic and some go above and beyond what other launchers offer. For example, you might want to customize your homescreen by allowing only specific apps on it or maybe you want more security options than what your current launcher offers. Whatever it is that you need in a launcher, one option that has found popularity with many Android users is Apolo Launcher

. Here’s everything there is to know about using it. What Can You Change With Apolo? Many launchers allow you to change elements of your phone, like changing the amount of icons that fit across each row and adding scrolling effects. But, Apolo gives its users even more control over how they see their phone, thanks to tons of customization settings which let them make sweeping changes across their whole device without having to get too detailed when they set things up.

It all starts when they download it from Google Play as a premium app at $3.99 for regular use or $4.99 for pro features such as: *More than 500 icons packs . *Wallpaper scrolling . *A huge collection wallpaper . *Design for status bar . *Change fonts . *Free themes updating .

What Is Apolo Launcher Pro Apk?

Apolo launcher is a type of third-party app that grants an all new look to your android phone. It is not an official android app which means it has been developed by independent developers, and then it has been uploaded on various websites for free. And in most cases, it is quite safe to download these third-party apps provided you get them from trusted sources only.

However, before downloading apollo pro apk, you must read online reviews of many websites about its performance and stability. Also check for any warning or notification if there are any bugs with apollo pro apk. To be on safer side avoid installing it without reading detailed information about its pros and cons.

But if you still want to install then here are some easy steps mentioned below. You can follow those steps one by one until you reach at end where you will learn how to successfully download apollo pro apk . One last thing I would like to share is don’t blame us if anything goes wrong with your device after using third party software.

How To Use Apolo Launcher Pro Apk?

Download apolo launcher pro apk and install it on your device. You can easily change to a new theme, icon pack, background or lock screen by just tapping and you will get more options on how to change wallpapers.

On top of that, you can add widgets in your home screen, set it as your default launcher or take more customizations like turning off parallax effect.

If you want to download and try out Apolo launcher pro apk for free, simply tap download button below and it will take you directly to Google Play Store where apolo launcher is available for free! Enjoy! If it doesn’t work well after you installed Apolo Launcher Pro APK , please uninstall Original APK from your phone and reinstall apolo launcher pro again.

Follow these steps: Step 1: Go to Settings -> Application Manager; Step 2: Select Original (it’s marked by red circle); Step 3: Tap Uninstall; Then Restart your Android Phone and Install Apolo Launcher PRO again. It will help you fix all error problems.

Apolo Launcher Pro Features

This launcher is extremely light and small, taking up less than 2MB of storage space. It also does not require root permission for its features to work, so you can use it even if your phone isn’t rooted.

It has about 30+ customizing options with highly detailed instructions on how to use them. Some of its features include: using single hand to operate, setting home screen only in landscape mode, allow SMS / contacts from unknown numbers. And many more! Download and check it out for yourself!

Note: This app is an unofficial version and may not work as expected. If a feature doesn’t work or you see a bug please report it via email before leaving a bad review! For any problems or feedback please contact us directly at [email protected] We will be happy to help! Thank you.

📱Home screen

This launcher has advanced technology to organize applications, widgets and settings on your screen according to how you use them. The app is designed so that those who download it can customize their home screen according to their preferences. It even provides users with information about each application such as whether or not it is linked to a Google account and if it requires updates. It’s free for anyone with Android 4.0 or higher devices.

😎 Dark mode

Android includes an always on always-dark mode since Android Pie. There’s nothing you need to do to enable it—just install a new launcher that supports it. So far, only Google’s Pixel devices can have dark mode enabled in third-party launchers, but one of our favorite launchers has its own version of dark mode available. Best of all? You can try out Evie for free before buying. We think you’ll like it. Our favorite thing about Evie is that it has a ton of customization options, so if you don’t like what’s offered by default, you can change everything from the size and shape of icons to your choice of font and more.

How To Download Apolo Launcher Pro Apk?

If you have an android device and like customizing your phone with some nice features then you must download apolo launcher pro apk. Nowadays launchers are being developed at great speed by keeping all android users requirements in mind.

The developers of Apolo launcher pro apk has also done their best to make it as perfect as possible for its users. It can be downloaded from Google play store free of cost but if you want extra features then there is also paid version available which comes with some more useful features that makes using phones easier than ever before. Go through below sections to know more about apolo launcher pro apk and its paid version.