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True Developers Studio
Name Auto Clicker
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Size 4 MB
Latest Version 2.1.4
MOD Info (Unlocked More Features, 100% Working)
Update October 19, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Today’s fast-paced environment requires streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. Time matters most. Auto Clicker automates Android smartphone clicking, which is a revolutionary approach. This review explores the app’s features to demonstrate how they may enhance productivity.

About Auto Clicker

Mobile gamers who seek an advantage and professionals who want to save time may utilize the Auto Clicker. This application frees you from clicking so you can concentrate on other crucial tasks at work or play.

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Features Of Auto Clicker

Because of the app’s straightforward design, even those with little expertise will have no trouble experimenting with and customizing its auto-clicking features. Its benefits may be obtained without prior technical knowledge.

That’s A Link You May Edit To Your Liking

Adjust the pointing and clicking to your own needs. You may lengthen or shorten clicks and determine where they appear on the screen. This amount of customization guarantees the software works as desired.

Clicking In A Variety Of Ways

Depending on your needs, the Auto Clicker may be set to one of many different clicking modes. The program is flexible enough to support a single click, double click, or even triple click.

Repeatedly Curve Backwards

Do you have a duty that needs you to do the same action again, like filling out forms or advancing levels in a game? The app’s repeat and loop features will help you save time and energy by allowing you to create automated sequences of clicks.

Floating Control Facility

Adding a floating control panel simplifies the automation process for the end user. This panel allows you full control over the automated process by placing the controls to initiate, halt, and pause the clicking sequence at your fingertips.

The VIP Modification Pack contains

There are additional perks available in the VIP Mod edition of the program, such as unfettered access to all of the app’s premium features without a paid subscription. This means you may try out more expensive features without worrying about breaking the bank.

The Auto Clicker Is The Key To Greater Efficiency

Consider how much time and effort can be saved by eliminating the need to repeatedly click on the same options in order to complete a task that can instead be automated. If you play mobile games or have a profession that demands you to do the same duties again and over, the Auto Clicker might greatly increase your efficiency.

The program’s flexible design allows for quick setup, personalized clicking, many click modes, repeat/loop functionality, and a floating control panel, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. If you use the VIP Mod features, you also have access to premium ones at no additional cost.

Automate Your Mouse Clicks

Using Ultra AutoClicker is a huge help if you like playing idle games like Tap Titans 2: Heroes Attack Titans or Clicker on APK. A simple idea serves as the basis for the rest of the argument. Your smartphone’s bot may take over and click on items on your behalf, letting you leave the app while it still provides input. This is particularly useful for tasks requiring monotonous repetition.

This program requires little more than 24 MB of disk space to install. However, it requires some tweaking after installation, which might be time consuming. New users will have to figure out the product’s interface on their own or resort to online resources to learn the ropes. Some operations, like drawing or operating in the background of other applications, will also want the proper device permissions.

After installation, you may use the software unlimitedly. Saved settings, or “scenarios,” may be loaded on demand. Once you’ve established these parameters, all you need to do to utilize this utility is run it before launching the application on which you want to trigger the automated clicks. Altering the scenario and restarting the targeted application is necessary if any changes are required.

Clever And Useful

Even if you don’t play video games, Ultra AutoClicker will come in handy if you ever need to click the same item again and over again. The possibilities for you and the device you’re using are almost limitless, and it’s smaller than its predecessor. There is no onboarding process or tooltip feature, making it potentially challenging for first-time users. Nonetheless, after you’ve become used to its interface, you’ll see that it more than makes up for this shortcoming.


In a world where every second counts, it is crucial to find ways to increase productivity. The Auto Clicker is a great example of efficiency since it allows users to easily automate clicking tasks. This application is indispensable for every worker who values efficiency, thanks to its comprehensive feature set and straightforward UI. You may take advantage of automation’s many benefits and reclaim control of your time by using the Auto Clicker.