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Bilibili v1.28.0 (VIP Unlocked, Unlimited Coins)

Name Bilibili
Version 1.28.0
Size 63M
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Updated May 5, 2022
MOD Features VIP Unlocked
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Bilibili, or Bilibili Animation Channel, is one of the biggest online video platforms in China, broadcasting cartoons, anime, games, and entertainment videos since 2006. You can watch all of your favorite shows and movies on their free app available on iOS and Android. A wide variety of genres ranging from inspiring and fantastic to romantic or hilarious awaits you! Check out their latest shows below!

An Introduction To Bilibili

The Bilibili APK app is a great way to browse through all of your favorite series, either by category or subcategory. You can follow your favorite series and receive notifications when they release new episodes.

What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on your next favorite anime show! Bilibili has tons of new anime arriving each month! With a massive collection of both current and retro anime titles, it won’t be hard to find something to watch. Download now and discover what makes Bilibili so great for anime fans!

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Bilibili Comics

If you’re a Bilibili fan and want to stay updated on new APKs of your favorite comics, there are actually two resources for APK downloads on Bilibili. The first is through Facebook fan pages. On many (but not all) series pages, you’ll see a Download Android App button toward the bottom of posts. Click it and wait for about 2–3 minutes for an APK file to download onto your computer.

Bilibili Comics

When it finishes downloading, head over to WonderHowTo’s post here to learn how to install APK files from your PC onto your smartphone or tablet. The second resource is via forums. A quick Google search will show you where to find forum threads that contain links to various Bilibili APKs, but be careful—these aren’t always safe! Make sure that you trust where you’re getting your apps from before installing them.

Can I Read Manga In Bilibili?

Yes! Bilibili APK is a very popular and well-loved application for android, as it has been featured by Google Play. You can download it via Google Play or get it from your app store directly if you are using an iOS device. Bilibili APK is completely free to use and have all of their high quality content available in one place with no ads that we could find.

bilibili apk download for smart tv

There are multiple features including a customizable reading view, manga recommendations based on your preferences, quick search functionality and clean interface that allows easy access to any series or comic you’re looking for. Another great feature is their easily accessible shared reading experience where people can recommend new comics so that more readers can enjoy them as well!

Is Bilibili Comics Free To Read?

Yes, Bilibili Comics is free to read! You can view new comics on each day without charge. However, if you wish to support Bilibili Comics and their team, it’s possible to purchase digital versions of comic books.

Does Bilibili Comics Have Anime?

The short answer is yes. The slightly longer answer is that you can find anything on Bilibili—from comics to full-length animated features. As with everything on Bilibili, it’s up to you to decide what you like and don’t like. And if there’s something missing, feel free to suggest it; your opinion matters!

Bilibili Manga Features

The secret to Bilibili manga is simple: it has everything from all kinds of genres. Shounen manga, josei manga, seinen manga, shojo manga, ai (gay) manga, fujoshi (girl-crazy) anime comics and novels… This site has almost everything for everyone. As for me I like some fujoshi mangas, so that’s my favorite genre here. But I don’t discriminate against any genre! Oh no! Of course if you have seen any anime you would know that one can find anything on Bilibili including hentai (pervert) stuff.

Bilibili Manga Features

So be careful with what you watch/read. So far there are over 300 million users in China alone who use Bilibili every day. And I am one of them too! It’s free to use but not free from ads, which means we have to put up with ads when watching videos or reading manga online. However, they are very much tolerable and sometimes even funny! Also there are many ways to get rid of them by using other apps such as Adblocker or uBlock Origin browser extension etc., just search them up on Google Play Store or App Store 🙂

What Anime Can You Watch On Bilibili?

Are you a fan of Mecha, or would you rather watch romance? Perhaps slice-of-life and comedy is more your cup of tea. Regardless of your tastes, there’s something for everyone. Take our quiz to find out which anime on Bilibili is perfect for you! You can also search by genres like action, adventure, mystery and even romance to narrow down your choices.


Anime is an entertainment medium with a unique appeal and a vast range of genres. The ever-expanding popularity of anime means there’s never been a better time to dive into something new. Even if you can’t find what you want on mainstream services, there are plenty of ways to watch any title you desire: through simulcasts, with legal streaming sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation, or even online fan communities. With so many options available, anime fans have no reason to go without new shows—and April 2018 has some great ones worth checking out!