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Bing Quiz About Islands – Solved Question Answer

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Hey gentlemen, welcome to our latest post, Bing Quiz about Islands, where you will learn about the most popular platform where you can learn, test, and boost your knowledge on islands.

So, friends, the Islands are unique places to spend weekends and holidays, are they not? Many people like to visit different beautiful islands in their free time to freshen up their mood.

If you are also fond of adventures and want to see various beautiful islands, then you need to know about all the islands worldwide, which is why you must read geography books and articles about them. But if you don’t have much time to read geography books and articles, you can learn about them from shot quiz tests.

We have something special in this post for those who want to boost their knowledge of different islands. Here we will inform you about a platform where you can participate in a quiz to test your knowledge for free. The name of that platform is Bing Quiz about Islands, where you can see lots of questions about Islands.

So guy, get ready to test and boost your knowledge about different Islands through Bing Quiz about Islands. Without getting late, let’s start.

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What Is Bing Quiz About Islands?

Bing Quiz About Islands is a fun and interactive way to test your knowledge about some of the most fascinating islands around the world.

Bing Quiz About Islands

This quiz will challenge you with questions about the geography, history, culture, and wildlife of various islands, providing a great opportunity to learn and discover new facts. Whether you are an avid traveler or simply curious about different destinations, Bing Quiz About Islands is a great way to expand your knowledge and explore the beauty and uniqueness of these captivating landforms.

How To Play Bing Quiz About Islands?

So friends, are you ready to test your knowledge about different islands? Then follow the steps given below;

  1. Visit Bing.com
  2. Search Island Quiz, or click on the “Q” Icon
  3. Now you will see the first question with three options A, B, C
  4. Please choose the correct option and click on it.
  5. You will see the correct answer on the next page with a complete explanation.
  6. Click on the next button to attend to another question.
  7. Once you complete this test, you will see your scoreboard.

Benefits of Bing Quiz about Islands?

Bing Quiz about Islands is very helpful for those who want to learn about the most beautiful and fascinating Islands. Here they can learn about different Islands, their culture, people, and many more through this Islands Quiz, so if you also want to know them, then play Islands Quiz now.

Examples of Bing Islands Quiz?

So guys, here we are going to mention some examples of Bing Islands Quiz so that you can easily understand the rules and format of this Quiz test;

1. Which of these is the most oversized island in the Caribbean by size?

  • Cuba
  • Nevis
  • Antigua
  • Jamaica

Ans/- Cuba

2. The Greek Islands are some of the world’s most famous. How many are there in total?

  • 4,000
  • 5,000
  • 6,000
  • 7,000

Ans/- 6000

3. New Zealand has two major islands: North and South. Which is bigger?

  • North
  • South
  • Nice try! They’re the same size.
  • Honestly, no idea.

Ans/- South

4. What name is given to a set of islands?

  • Archipelago
  • Peninsula
  • Atoll

Ans/- Archipelago

5. On which of these islands did the first Jurassic Park film took place? Tip: It is the same location as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

  • Kabira Bay
  • Cocos Islands
  • Oahu

Ans/- Isla Nublar

6. Which of these islands originated from a volcano 13 million years ago?

  • Hunga Tonga Island
  • Bora Bora
  • Sholan Island

Ans/- Bora Bora 

One of these islands has “traveled back in time”! Do you know which one?

  • Samoa
  • Santorini
  • Capri

Ans/- Samoa

In which of these islands lives the most isolated society in the world?

North Sentinel Island, India
Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom
Saba Island, Caribbean

Rules of This Game

  • In this game, you will get ten questions in total.
  • You have to solve each question in 5 seconds.
  • You can also use the hint button to get help (but by clicking on the hint button, you will lose points)
  • The faster you answer, the more game points you will get.

Final lines

So, guys, this is all about Bing Quiz about Island. I hope it will benefit you, and if you learn something from it, share it with your friends and others.