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Bing Weekly Quiz – Solved Question Answer

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Hey gentlemen, do you like to play a trivia challenge or flash poll games during your free time? If yes! Then this post is for you, as here you will learn about an amazing free quiz game offered by Bing.com. The name of this free quiz game is Bing Weekly Quiz, where you can participate in a quick quiz test and boost your knowledge.

According to a survey of 2016 content marketing trends, it was proved that lots of people like to play trivia, quiz games, puzzles, and riddles in their free time, and that’s why most gamer developers developed lots of video games based on quizzes and puzzles.

Similarly, Bing.com launched a quiz test game on its homepage to give visitors the ultimate experience and boost their knowledge. Bing quiz games can be played daily, weekly, or both, and today in this post, we will inform you about Bing weekly quiz test. So if you also like to play quiz games and look for the best platform to participate in quizzes, then stay with this post, as here we will tell you about the Bing homepage quiz test where you can play quiz games on different subjects. So, friends, let’s start this post;

What Is Bing Weekly Quiz?

Bing weekly quiz is offered by Bing.com, which mostly plays on different subjects, including Science, Pets, Geography, History, Sports, Entertainment Knowledge Base, and much more! Bing.com offered this weekly quiz game for its users to improve their knowledge of current affairs and general knowledge. In this quiz test, most of the questions come from the recent news that helps to stay updated with everyday experiences and general knowledge.

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Many people like to play quizzes to boost their knowledge when they get bored, take a break from work, go to bed, during family gatherings, and on weekends. That is why Bing.com has now provided quizzes to inspire millions of people and enable them to learn more about the rest of the world.

Bing weekly quiz is one of the fantastic features of Bing for you to keep yourself updated with the weekly and daily news around you. Here you can find many quizzes on weekly and daily news that will help you keep updated with the rest of the world.

So guy, have you ever played Bing Weekly Quiz? Not yet! Then you are missing some fantastic knowledge about all over the world. If you are interested in quizzes and want to boost your understanding by playing quiz games, then we recommend you play weekly Bing quizzes. Here you can find many questions on different subjects that will help you improve your knowledge.

Being updated with the latest news and playing the Bing weekly quiz is a hobby for many, so you can also participate in this game and start boosting your knowledge.

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Examples of Bing Weekly Quizzes

So friends where we are going to give some examples of Bing Weekly Quizzes so that you can quickly understand this Quiz test;

1. Who was selected to replace Boris Johnson as the U.K.’s prime minister?

  • Theresa May
  • Liz Truss
  • Sadiq Khan
  • Jeremy Corbyn

Ans: Liz Truss

2. What Does this computer abbreviation usually mean? (ESC)

  • External Secure Connection
  • Escape
  • Encapsulated Software Controller
  • Electronic Software Code

Ans: Escape

3. A major drought in Spain threatens the production of which oil.

  • Olive
  • Palm
  • Peanut
  • Vegetable

Ans: Olive

4. Malcolm X was inducted to the hall of fame for which state, where he was born Malcolm Little in 1925?

  • North Carolina
  • Nebraska
  • New York

Ans: Nebraska

5. Mourners were asked to stop leaving what sweet treat (a Paddington Bear fave) out in parks to honor the queen?

  • Banoffee pies
  • Marmalade sandwiches
  • Strawberries and cream

Ans: Marmalade sandwiches

6. Which Republican lawmaker introduced a federal bill to ban most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy?

  • Lindsey Graham
  • Lauren Boebert
  • Ted Cruz

Ans: Lindsey Graham

Why Must You Play Bing Weekly Quiz?

Bing Weekly Quiz was always focused on education and information so players could boost their knowledge by playing them. They always try their best to ask the most challenging & knowledgeable questions on the quiz, so if you want to gain tremendous knowledge about any topic or subject, you can participate in this quiz test.

How To Play Bing Weekly Quiz?

If you want to play Bing Weekly Quiz, then follow these steps;

  1. Visit Bing.com by any respective browser from your tablet and cell phone.
  2. On the home page of Bing.com, you will get a hidden “Q” icon. Click on that icon.
  3. When you tap on the “Q” icon, it will show you the first query, and you have to chhose the answer to that question from the given options.
  4. Once done, a pop-up page will open where you can see the correct answer to that question.
  5. To play next, click on the next button given on the page.

Rules of this game

  • In this game, you will get ten questions in total.
  • You have to solve each question in 5 seconds.
  • You can also use the hint button to get help (but by clicking on the hint button, you will lose points)
  • The faster you answer, the more game points you will get.


So, friends, this is all about Bing Weekly Quiz. You can play it to boost your knowledge and share it with others if you like this post. Thank You!