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Bitlife Unblocked v3.11.8 (Unlimited Money, Bitizenship)

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Candywriter, LLC
Name Bitlife Unblocked
Offered By Candywriter, LLC
Size 172 MB
Latest Version 3.11.8
MOD Info (Unlimited Money, Bitizenship)
Update November 22, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Price FREE

We all live our lives in different ways but try to keep it simple by making it go in the virtual path. However, it never dissuades us from feeling inquisitive, if something different would have happened on choosing the other path in our life. Do you know, now you can imagine living your life in another way and also know the outcome of doing it virtually? Wondering, if it can be possible too? Yeah, it’s possible with the virtual future-detecting game, Bitlife Unblocked.

This game by taking your answers to all its queries about your life, will determine your virtual fate. After you pick your decisions on which path you want to go, the game will show what your future will be like. Isn’t the game super exciting? Well! We feel it so! How about diving deep into this future prediction game?

Bitlife Unblocked What’s The Play About?

It’s a well-known game played on digital platforms like Android 5 or devices that come with ARM64 CPU. The game is all about life simulation where you can experience a virtual life, choose your own paths, pass through various ups and downs, and ultimately sense your future. The play starts from your birth and shows you the whole journey of your life up til death. So, with Bitlife Unblocked, nothing is impossible.

The mod apk version of this game is again more powerful and can mold your future according to your wish. Experience a luxurious life or whatever you want just by choosing the same in the modified version of this game. With it, you will get limitless resources in the form of health, money, etc, and make your future more pleasurable virtually. Also, while playing the game, no ads or pop-ups will disturb you.

Scour the entire globe or choose the goal that you want to accomplish and all of your wishes will be fulfilled virtually. Even if you can’t accomplish a thing in real life, even if your lover refuses to marry you, Bitlife Unblocked will give you temporary satisfaction by making these unhappened things happen virtually.

In the Bitlife Unblocked game, you will be asked to make some decisions about your life. You have to answer them in text and provide the game with your choices or decisions. The game will ask you – would you like to study sincerely or escape your school for the sake of enjoying with your pals? The reply you give will determine your virtual destiny.

In Bitlife Unblocked, you can take part in virtual dance, gym, gambling, etc, or spend your time virtually on some beaches. Choose the education, job, lover, etc you want, and keep playing the game to know what awaits at the end.

Features Of Bitlife Unblocked

  • The game gives you unlimited job options ranging from the jobs of doctors and teachers to professional athletes and musicians.
  • You can choose the relationship status of your choice. Go for bisexual relationships, gay relationships, or whatever you want.
  • Enjoy updated scenarios with the modified version of the game. Choose the adventure on a deserted island or survival after a fight with zombies and your wish will be fulfilled.
  • Choose the country you want to reside in or the technologies you want to use with the modified version of this game.
  • This game fulfills your wildest fantasy virtually and exhibits to you the statistics of your health, intelligence, looks, etc. Your character’s success hinges upon these statistics.
  • The game gives you the option to maintain your proper health and enhance your happiness level by fulfilling your wishes of meeting with your close family members, friends, and lovers.
  • The game gives you the option to groom your character’s appearance.
  • The game gives you the option to make money and be rich by picking the right educational path and job and working with dedication towards the same.
  • Here in this game, you can enhance the IQ level of your character by studying books or pursuing hobbies of your interests.
  • The game gives you the option to spend your time virtually in clubs and casinos.
  • The MOD menu of the game, Bitlife Unblocked Mod Apk, provides you with many extra features related to limitless money, health, etc.
  • The MOD menu of the game, Bitlife Unblocked Mod Apk, saves your time by blocking all pop-ups and ads.
  • The game is highly realistic.
  • The game is quite addictive.
  • No complications in playing the game.
  • Easy download.
  • The game provides you with a wide range of choices.


Bitlife Unblocked game has recently become a trendy and hot favorite among gamers because a large number of people are downloading the game to make their unfulfilled wishes get fulfilled virtually and see their lives from different angles. If you’re still doubtful about the popularity of the game, check out the review sites. The reviews of this game will say it all. Downloading this game is super easy. Just visit our site, https://vsimpower.com, and click on the download option of this game. You will see the game downloaded to your device within minutes. What next? Just install it and get ready to see your future!