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Brainly APK v5.133.0 (Pro Subscription Unlocked)

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Name Brainly Mod Apk
Offered By Brainly
Size 30M
Latest Version 5.133.0
MOD Info Pro Subscription
Update April 12, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Brainly Mod Apk helps you to learn anything, anytime, anywhere with the help of millions of people around the world who use the Brainly platform to study, find answers and discuss questions with peers. Brainly has been launched in 2013 and since then it has become the favorite of users because of its amazing features and top-notch customer support.

The Android app of Brainly has also been available since 2013 and it has given some tough competition to other big names in learning apps in Play Store such as Flashcards Deluxe, Clever and others.

What Is Brainly?

Brainly is a brainpower training app. It contains hundreds of thousands of questions, exercises and brain games for people to test their knowledge and skills. Users can also create their own questions to make Brainly even more interactive. The best part? It’s all FREE!

Learn new things from your friends or take on challenges from smart strangers, using Q&A mode (the Quiz) or competing with them in puzzle games, memory challenges and trivia questions (Challenge).

You’ll never run out of content thanks to regular updates with new exercises added weekly! And if you’re feeling nostalgic or just want to relax: play some Solitaire by yourself. What are you waiting for? Get started right now. Download Brainly now, it’s 100% free! Brought to you by Brainly Inc. ​​

When someone creates a question/exercise, how does that get published to everyone else? What’s used as an editor for publishing results/questions created on brainly mobile website? How do users go about submitting tests when they’ve completed an exercise – either it be through Android app or web browser?

I’ve found several posts that explain how the user-submitted test gets processed into mini-tests; but I haven’t found anything that explains what happens after mini-tests have been created – where do they actually appear?

What Is Brainly Mod Apk?

Brainly is an academic crowdsourcing platform. It is a social learning network where questions are answered by a community of experts called Brainians, who consist of millions of people from around the world. Founded in 2006, Brainly has evolved into a global platform for education and peer-to-peer learning.

Its vision is to create an online learning community where every student can access quality education anywhere at any time. The company was founded by two Indian entrepreneurs—Arun Kakar and Ashok Jhunjhunwala—and serves 50 million users across 200 countries and territories worldwide.

At present, Brainyl has more than 50 million unique monthly visitors with more than 250 million page views per month across its mobile applications and website.

How To Use Brainly Mod Apk?

Have you got some school or college examination coming up? Are you worried about it? Well, if yes then we have a solution for you. Use Brainly Mod Apk and learn whenever you want and wherever you want to. You can access millions of questions online on any topic that will improve your understanding of almost anything, including vocabulary, geography, math and many more.

Brainly is available as an app for Android smartphones and also as an application on your iPhone or iPad. The best part is that these applications are totally free. But there’s a catch too: There’s no offline mode. But don’t worry; internet connection isn’t always needed when using Brainly Mod Apk so go ahead and keep reading our tutorial on how to use it properly, and you’ll see what we mean!

This guide has been prepared with great care so take your time reading through every step and make sure you follow them all carefully in order to fully maximize its potential and get nothing but results out of using it. Good luck! Let us know if everything worked out for you! Did our tutorial help in giving solutions for all your queries regarding using Brainly Mod Apk?

Brainly Mod Apk Features

Your brain will never get bored again with over 20,000 free educational resources available on Brainly. Tired of finding simple answers and clickbait?

Come to Brainly where your questions will be answered in a way that is easy to understand. With your favorite subjects like Math, Science, History, Geography, English and more you can learn from other students from around the world or even create your own study groups with friends.

Brainly has made it easy for everyone to study using flashcards, personal profiles, handwriting recognition and so much more! So what are you waiting for?

Download today! (AD-FREE!) #COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER : All product names, logos and brands are property of their respective owners. The app mentioned above belong to their developers, who reserve all rights about them. The use of any name, logo or brand does not imply endorsement by them.

NCERT Solutions

Our goal is to provide high-quality, FREE education for all. We already have millions of users from over 200 countries and we’re still growing rapidly. Our app has been featured by Apple as one of the best apps in 2015. So far, we’ve built a community around learning where students can help each other and teachers answer questions posted by their students. You can download our app or use our website on any device (desktop/tablet/mobile). It works seamlessly across devices too!

RD Sharma (Maths)

Brainly is not an application. It is a concept. It is a website which publishes questions asked by students around all over India and presents you with answers. The best part about it? It is free! This means you do not have to pay any subscription fees or pay for learning material as everything that you will ever need to revise for exams or continue learning after exams can be accessed on Brainly completely free of charge! (Except you’ll have to wait hours if not days before your question gets published)

H.C.Verma (Physics)

Brainly is a free, ad-free learning app. The app allows you to study flashcards, quizzes and provides practice tests with detailed solutions. With Brainly you can learn new things in an easier and faster way than before. You can share your ideas and opinions with people around you to help each other build better knowledge while being connected to over 10 million students from different parts of world. The app also helps you access useful resources related to your learning areas through Brainly Explorer feature which is available for some selected subjects/exams/courses in India only.

R.S.Aggarwal (Maths)

Brainly is one of those apps that has been consistently on top since its launch. It not only improves your learning skills but also helps you think better, thereby giving you a better understanding of complex problems. The app has over 100 million questions and answers, which will provide you with hours of learning fun. The app also allows you to compare your scores with others and then develop strategies to solve future problems in exams. Brainly can be downloaded for free on any Android phone or tablet, and it is indeed a must-have for all students out there.

Lakhmir Singh (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

Brainly is a community and online repository for knowledge on all subjects. It contains a variety of resources including articles, worksheets, quizzes, flashcards and other study material for school and college students to help them learn new things at their own pace. A free account allows you to add books you want to read or save from your Bucket list as well as track topics you are interested in. You can also earn badges by posting or answering questions which helps keep track of your progress. The app is extremely user-friendly with everything right there in front of you without having to search through multiple screens or scrolling endlessly just to find what you need.

How To Download Brainly Mod Apk?

Brainly is an Android app which helps you learn new things. You can choose between a variety of categories, and then browse through each topic and quiz to find something that suits your needs. In addition to helping you learn new things, Brainly also helps you prepare for tests such as college exams or job interviews.

You can do self-assessments as well as see how others have done with these tests. There are also special challenges that can help build skills in different subjects. Currently there are over 120 million Brainly users worldwide!


Brainly APK is an educational app that provides a platform for students and learners to ask and answer questions in various subjects, ranging from mathematics and science to social studies and languages. The app offers a unique way of learning, as users can get answers to their questions from other students and educators worldwide.

The app features a user-friendly interface and a vast community of users, making it easy for users to ask questions, get answers, and collaborate with others. The app also offers various features such as a search function, notifications, and the ability to follow specific topics and users.