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Bubble Shooter Game Download (Latest Version)

Bubble Shooter
Name Bubble Shooter
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Size 79M
Latest Version 4.0
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Update January 17, 2022 (11 months ago)
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A classic bubble shooter game that you can download right now and enjoy hours of free fun! This addicting game is simple and easy to play, simply use your mouse to aim your cannon, then click to shoot at the bubble you want to pop. Clear all the bubbles from the board to complete each level, with more levels becoming available as you progress.

The longer you last, the harder it becomes! See if you can win 3 stars on every level. If you get stuck on any of the levels, check out the video walkthrough below!

What Is Bubble Shooter Game

Play Bubble Shooter games online for free and with hundreds of different levels. Simple to play but hard to master, it’s a fun game to pass your time with. Pop all colorful bubbles in order to win points while trying not to run out of moves.

What Is Bubble Shooter Game

If you like shooting bubble games, you will enjoy our collection! So what are you waiting for? Join Bubble Shooter today and get started popping those bubbles!

Although there are many versions, bubble shooter is probably one of the most played online games ever. In its beginning it was almost impossible to find two similar bubbles that could be shot down; new variations keep popping up and offer countless hours of entertainment.

The goal is easy: try to eliminate as many balls from play as possible by shooting at groups of 3 or more same-colored balls. When four or more identical bubbles touch each other they disappear from view immediately.

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Bubble Shooter Gameplay

When it comes to great free games, Bubble Shooter is right up there with Bejeweled and Minesweeper. It’s a simple game that works on both computers and mobile devices, has addicting gameplay that is difficult to get enough of, and it even makes math more fun! It’s perfect for people who are bored but looking for something to do. In fact, there’s no way you won’t get addicted if you give it a chance.

Bubble Shooter Gameplay

Download now to play for free! This cool bubble game features 500 challenging levels that you can play in Puzzle Mode or Arcade Mode. If you love matching games like Candy Crush Saga, Jewels Star or Angry Birds Crush; then you should give Bubble Shooter a try too! Play Now & Start having fun! ) … How to Play Bubble Shooter: Bubbles fall from top part of screen.

just aim your mouse and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot bubbles! The goal is pop all bubbles before they reach bottom line, use fewer shots possible…Good Luck!! 🙂 Bubble Shooter Features: – 500+ addictive puzzle levels + 50 amazing challenge puzzles (All Puzzles playable FREE) – 20 puzzling modes + 5 shooting directions – Unlimited darts & boosts to help you complete harder stages – Cool power-ups and wild effects keep it fresh & exciting forever … Is Bubble Shooting Game Over? No problem, spend coins to buy More Darts in shop by go 3 blocks bottom left corner. And Try Next Level button!

Bubble Shooter Game Features

This game is easy to learn and control, challenging for both new and hardcore players. (especially for kids) For every fixed shooting mode, you can earn scores as well as get extra bonuses.

Bubble Shooter Game Download

With very delicate game effects, Bubble Shooter will bring you extremely fun times! If you want to experience an amazing bubble-shooting journey, just play it right now! How to Play Bubble Shooter Game: The main goal of any level in the bubble shooter game is simple – pop all bubbles on a level. To do that you must shoot at these bubbles with 3 balls or more of same color.

When these balls hit bubbles of the same color they make them explode. Remove bubbles as quickly as possible to get more points. Remember, if there are no bubbles left in a level you’ll fail & lose your lives so be careful while playing bubble shooter games. In some of our bubble games there are also objects (like special ones), you must destroy all those special items too in order to finish levels and proceed through bubble shooter games.

Always think about how many moves are available for each level because sometimes things might look hard but often there’s a much easier way to solve these challenges even though it looks like an impossible situation. Do not forget that when working with words we should always remember exactly what we’re doing.

Play the Classic Game Mode

You can always play Bubble Shooter on classic mode if you want to. If you are tired of playing by yourself, try out Bubble Charms 2 multiplayer version and play with friends or family.

Play the Classic Game Mode

Whether you choose to play in Classic mode or Multiplayer mode, Bubbleshooter is an addicting game that’s sure to provide you with hours of entertainment. You can also design your own games and share them with your friends! Now, what are you waiting for? Go download Bubbleshooter now!

Enjoy the Arcade Game Mode

If you’re a fan of challenging games that require strategy and quick thinking, you’ll probably love Bubble Shooter. It features two game modes: Arcade and Classic. In Classic mode, you simply need to clear all of your color bubbles from play in order to move on to the next level.

Arcade mode is similar in that it requires clearing your bubble clusters from play; however, other bubbles float into play after a predetermined time interval, which can make for an even more challenging experience.

The game also offers an online leaderboard so you can see how well you stack up against other players as well as unlock badges and achievements by reaching set goals.

Bubble Shooter Game Download

The whole family can enjoy playing Bubble Shooter Games. The game is a bubble popping game and has been around for quite some time now. There are lots of different versions to play but they all work in pretty much exactly the same way.

In Bubble Shooters, you will be given a big area full of colored bubbles and your job is to move your mouse until you find three or more matching colored bubbles, then click on them, making them disappear and giving you points.

If there are no more bubbles that can be eliminated with those three or more colored bubbles then you will lose a life.


In a bubble shooter game download, as soon as you line up 3 or more bubbles of a similar color they will burst and be replaced by new bubbles. The goal is to clear all of the bubbles from each level in order to advance to next levels. And our new Bubble Shooter can be played on Android devices, iPhone or iPad.

All your need is free registration on our website. Here you can download any games free and can play online or offline whenever and wherever you want! We have over 2 million users already playing on Bubble Shooter! So what are you waiting for? Download now and join us right away! Hope you like it! Enjoy!!