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CCleaner Pro APK v6.8.1 (Unlimited & Fully Unlocked)

Name CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Offered By Piriform
Size 26 MB
Latest Version 6.8.1
MOD Info (Unlimited & Fully Unlocked)
Update April 20, 2023 (1 month ago)
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Price FREE

CCleaner is a useful app that cleans out your Windows PC from all the junk you don’t really need and which slows down your computer. It also makes the computer run faster and smoother, since it doesn’t work as hard to find the information it needs to load applications and documents.

The tool’s basic version can be downloaded for free online, but there’s also an advanced version of the app called CCleaner Pro that offers some cool additional features.

What Is CCleaner Pro APK?

CCleaner Pro is an Android app that optimizes your device’s performance and helps it run faster and smoother. It cleans your system’s junk files, temporary files, and unused apps to free up space. It also boosts your battery life by stopping power-hungry apps from running in the background. Plus, CCleaner Pro can help you keep your personal information safe by cleansing your system of dangerous viruses and malware.

Overall, CCleaner Pro is a must-have Android app for anyone who wants to keep their device running at its best. And with no ads or hidden fees, there’s no reason not to download it! So what are you waiting for? Download this powerful utility today and see how much better your phone runs!

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CCleaner Pro APK

Android users can now download the CCleaner Pro APK from our website. This APK is specially designed for Android devices and comes with a number of benefits. For starters, it will clean your device’s cache and free up storage space. Additionally, CCleaner Pro will boost your device’s performance by stopping apps from running in the background and reducing battery drain.Finally, the app comes with a handy privacy cleaner which will remove any traces of your online activity. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive Android cleaning solution, be sure to check out CCleaner Pro! It offers more features than most other cleaners and its price tag isn’t bad either. You can find more information about CCleaner Pro on our blog.

How To Use CCleaner Pro APK?

Instead, I can provide you with some general guidelines on how to use CCleaner, the legitimate software:

  1. Download and install CCleaner from the official website or from a trusted source.
  2. Launch CCleaner and select the options you want to clean, such as temporary files, browsing history, cookies, and cache. You can also choose which applications to clean or exclude.
  3. Click on the “Run Cleaner” button to start the cleaning process.
  4. If you want to use other features of CCleaner, such as Registry Cleaner or Tools, click on the respective tabs and follow the instructions.
  5. CCleaner also offers some settings that you can customize according to your preferences. Click on the Options tab and select the options you want to change.
  6. Finally, make sure to regularly update CCleaner to the latest version to ensure optimal performance and security.

Remember that the use of pirated or hacked software is illegal and can lead to serious consequences. Instead, always use legitimate and licensed software from trusted sources to ensure your device’s safety and your personal data security.

Features Of CCleaner Pro APK?

1. CCleaner Pro is an optimization and system cleaning tool for Android devices.
2. It can help you boost your device’s performance by clearing out junk files and unused apps.
3. CCleaner Pro also offers a blacklist feature to prevent certain apps from running in the background and draining your battery.
4. Additionally, CCleaner Pro can clean up your browser history and cookies, free up storage space, and speed up your device’s overall performance.
5. Overall, CCleaner Pro is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their Android device’s performance.
6. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store, and it offers a 7-day trial period with full access to all features.

How To Download CCleaner Pro APK?

1. Go to the CCleaner Pro website and click on the Download button.
2. On the next page, select your operating system and click on the Download button again.
3. Once the file has downloaded, open it and install CCleaner Pro.
4. Launch CCleaner Pro and click on the Options button.
5. On the next page, select Advanced options.
6. Under Cleaning options, select the folders or drives that you want CCleaner to scan.
7. Click on the Start cleaning button and wait for CCleaner to finish scanning your computer.


Overall, CCleaner Pro is a great way to clean up your Android device. It’s easy to use and it does a great job of getting rid of junk files. If you’re looking for a way to speed up your device, this is definitely worth a try.

I like the app because it has options that make sense and that I can understand. Cleaning my phone never felt so good! The first thing I noticed when using CCleaner Pro was how well-designed the interface was. The colors are appealing and it’s very intuitive to use. I didn’t have any trouble navigating through the app and found all of the features pretty easily.