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Cleanui APK v2.2.2 Download For Android

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Name Cleanui APK
Offered By DDevicers
Size 85M
Latest Version 2.2.2
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Update January 23, 2024 (5 months ago)
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Price FREE
CleanUI made Clean UI customizer. The app replaces Android themes with iPhone ones on mobile devices. Visual adjustments make the display more structured and feature-rich.

About Cleanui APK

Apple has been recognized for its revolutionary user interface since the 2007 iPhone. An iPhone is simple to use because it includes straightforward controls, well-organized icons, a simplified user experience, consistent and smooth features, content that reads well across screen sizes, intuitive applications, and gesture detection. It can now accomplish more mobile computing jobs and has more iPhone-specific capabilities.

Features Of Cleanui APK

CleanUI mimics iOS on non-Apple mobile devices. As usual for iOS devices, the UI is ad-free and “flat style” Other launchers’ obnoxious prompts won’t be present. Its status bar resembles iOS. Within the realm of iOS, it is noteworthy to observe that the status bar has been relocated to the uppermost region of the screen. Initiate a vertical gesture commencing from the lowermost region of the screen in order to replicate the iOS interface’s downward-expanding menu. Every individual icon is strategically positioned at the lowermost section of the screen, thereby facilitating effortless accessibility and convenient customization. Wallpaper and other user interface elements may be customized. People may believe the new UI is from Apple’s iPhone. This app supports iOS 7 and iOS 8 themes, updating the user’s look.

Elegantly Decorating And Arranging

CleanUI previews the iPhone’s interface. It varies substantially from Android’s UI in design and function. Top and bottom of screen reveal iPhone options. These icons were formerly limited to Apple devices but are now available on Android. Those without an iPhone may decide more confidently whether to upgrade or continue with what they have.

Launchers may change your phone’s look and experience. They use a great design to entirely change your phone’s look. You can also install a different launcher and use various Google Play Store applications to make your phone seem like an iPhone.

CleanUI, one of the best launchers for this, makes your phone look like an iPhone. It’s reliable compared to other launchers, however it has flaws.

Clean, Simple Design Like Ios

This lightweight program behaves like iOS. Those interested in learning more about Android may find it easy to switch from iPhone to Android.

The application is straightforward to use and takes minimal smartphone storage, however it does not provide instructions or a tutorial for users who wish to attempt an iOS-like launcher. All settings and menus are on the screen’s base drawer.

Customizable The App

Since there is no “app drawer,” all installed app icons show at the bottom of the screen. One theme is pre-installed, although users may change the background picture. A collection of digital wallpapers is available online, although the website may take time to load.

You may preview or download the photos. Programmable clock widget, calendar, and easy access to your most used phone applications are available. Screen transition effects are absent, but the interface and UI may be substantially customized.

Adjust The Parameters To Suit Your Requirements

This software will make your phone’s lock screen and notifications more minimalistic and modern. You may rearrange home screen icons and adjust font and color.

It may conceal or lock program icons, rendering them invisible and preventing app access. Users may customize their search settings and home screen with widgets and fast links. The application also entirely redesigns your dialer and contacts manager.


CleanUI launcher may give your Android a ‘flat design,’ like iOS. This software has no bothersome ads, unlike many others. In addition to being ad-free, CleanUI has all the essential iOS-style launcher features. Swapping down from the top of the screen brings up an iOS-like status bar. iOS users may swipe up from the bottom to access the menu. Both menus faithfully replicate iOS’s design. Each symbol matches an iPhone or iPad. These are the four docked at the bottom of the screen and adjustable separately. In addition to wallpaper, you may modify several options. CleanUI is an iOS-like Android launcher. A cool add-on called iOS7/8 theme for CleanUI may modernize the launcher.