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Cookie Run Kingdom – Unlimited Money Play Online

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Devsisters Corporation
Name Cookie Run: Kingdom
Offered By Devsisters Corporation
Size 946M
Latest Version 2.6.102
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Update July 15, 2023 (2 months ago)
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Price FREE

Cookie Run Kingdom is an easy game to learn, but difficult to master, which has achieved a super fun game through the combination of simple action and strategy of Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG in one game. It brings you a fantastic experience that you have never tried!

It’s easy to get started with Cookie Run Kingdom! Just sign up, build your own castle, cook the cookies, train your cute minions and go on an adventure journey to beat all rivals on the cookie run kingdom! Join us now to make friends with other players around the world and defeat dangerous bosses together!

What Is Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie Run Kingdom is a super cool game! This easy-to-play, real-time game, puts you in a fantasy world where you will help Cookie and his friends to build a candy empire. Hire workers to bake new flavours of cookies, and hire warriors to protect your business from thieves and fire-breathing dragons.

Build your dream cookie empire with Cookie Run Kingdom. You start off as one of two kingdoms: Heartland or Moonlight City – then battle against opposing kingdoms for control of resources like sugar and butter, which are used to make cookies or upgrade structures (like your castle).

The battles can be played alone or with friends on multiple platforms using just one account. Be sure to log into Facebook and use their join game feature so you can connect with old friends or compete against them. It’s also a great place to meet potential allies who share your interests.

No matter what level you reach in Cookie Run Kingdom, it’s always good fun when playing with family and friends! You can easily get hooked on it once you try it out. Sometimes we get too busy and don’t have time for anything else, but my whole family has been addicted to Playrix games since I installed my first one – Empire Island 2.

My husband actually fell asleep at night waiting for me so he could have a turn at playing once I was done! We now have 5 Playrix games installed including Battle Of Titans which we all love!

What Is Cookie Run Kingdom APK?

This app has been an incredible hit on Android. The gameplay is simple but addictive. You will have to collect as many coins as you can and run away from enemies.

It isn’t that simple though, because you have to find a path to take to avoid being caught by enemies while also collecting coins and power-ups along your way. There are tons of power-ups and unlockable characters, so keep playing! Cookie Run kingdom Apk is available for free on Google Play Store, go ahead and get it right now!

There really is no excuse not to download Cookie Run kingdom apk at least once! Get ready for some real fun! Just wait until you play it, we promise there’s plenty more surprises waiting in store after downloading it. If you like action games with building features, then Cookie Run kingdom APK will be right up your alley. Why spend time installing heavy games or messing around with tiny pixels?

How To Play Cookie Run kingdom Apk?

If you are looking for a casual game to kill time, Cookie Run Kingdom may be your answer. It’s an endless-runner game by dotEmu that pays homage to an old classic arcade and NES title, Gauntlet. The core mechanic of Cookie Run Kingdom is just like other endless runners out there.

However, it has a fresh upgrade system as well as multiple characters to play as. It’s worth noting that most of its content is locked behind in-app purchases (IAP). In case you have played Gauntlet, it brings back all those feels and certainly takes that experience to another level with more twists and new elements. All in all, if you’re into casual gaming then go ahead download it now and give it a try!

Cookie Run kingdom Gameplay

This is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that’s actually fun for fans of cookie clicker, royale casino and other games in that genre. This game does an incredible job of combining three simple yet addictive gameplay mechanics into one addicting video game.

If you want to break away from your boring office job and get lost in an MMO with cute graphics and a nonsensical story line, then download Cookie Run now. It’s free! (The controls can be a little difficult at first, but you’ll figure it out.) You have a clan: Every player is part of one large Clan.

As soon as you enter your village, people will greet you with cheerful welcomes and hugs. But you’re not exactly safe here; there are evil dragons trying to destroy your home. Luckily, some of these villagers are wizards who can build barriers around their houses so they won’t get destroyed by dragons.

However, they only do magic on weekdays between 3PM and 4PM – so come back tomorrow if they haven’t fixed up your house yet. You need resources: In order to upgrade or maintain anything in your village (such as new building types or barriers), you need coins and cookies.

These two resources are limited in supply though – so stop eating all those cookies already! Cookies will randomly drop after each fight against an enemy dragon, whereas coins are earned slowly over time.

Cookie Run kingdom Game Features

There is a vivid world with stunning visuals, smooth animations and rich gameplay. Aside from being able to build your own kingdom, you can also conquer enemy’s land, play with friends together in guild, plant trees to collect resources as well as purchase new buildings with gold coins you collected during quests or battles.

It’s a real fun and exciting adventure game that keeps you at your toes all day long! So what are you waiting for? Download Cookie Run: Kingdom APK on your phone now and enjoy it! The link of download is given below!


Build and design your own Cookie Kingdom, from scratch! Customize cookie types, colors, shapes and sizes! The possibilities are endless as you grow your cookie empire. Invite your friends to build their own kingdoms for special bonus rewards! In a race against time (or another player), see how many cookies you can produce using an army of loyal cookie-producing denizens of your kingdom. : Fight fierce battles against rival Kings in legendary boss battles in an all-new MMO-RPG adventure on mobile.

Train hard and face fierce challenges! Learn powerful skills like Firebreath or Shield Bash to defeat fearsome opponents and reap big rewards! : Friendly Challenges allow you to face off against other players without having to join a guild or go through complicated processes – simply jump right into battle with them via search or friend request. Defeat them with ease, if possible… : …Or BECOME FRIENDS WITH THEM instead by reaching out with gifts via Facebook Connect/Twitter!


When you’re ready for a real challenge, you can join other players in player-versus-player (PvP) matches. Battle other kingdoms for valuable resources to become even more powerful! What’s more, you can use your own Cookie Heroes and army of bad guys to fight against your friends! Grab your Cookie Sword and prepare to defend your Cookie Kingdom with everything you have! Play now to experience Cookie Run: Kingdom—an epic adventure of heroism, mystery, and thrilling action.​


Collect cookie friends and cookie toppings to decorate your own personal chocolate chip cookie! Try new combinations and find unique ways to decorate your cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. The game features a combination of building, action-combat and city-building gameplay. Upgrade & build buildings in your town to attract new allies, then team up with them in battle using their abilities! Build shops & restaurants and craft items to power up heroes’ equipment. Become part of an epic adventure story and save mankind from destruction by Demon Lord. Join Cookie Run now on iOS & Android!


Create your Hero, Create a Kingdom. Kingdom is building RPG strategy game in a fantasy world where you can become king of brave land. Crush monsters in epic fights and build unique kingdom. Hire Heroes to help you with your quest and go on adventures to earn coins, gold and valuable items. Explore large dungeons filled with hidden dangers! Fight against dragons, werewolves and other dark creatures of underworld!


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