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Crisis Action Mod Apk (Infinite Diamonds + Money)

Name Crisis Action
Size 46M
Latest Version 4.1.9
MOD Info Infinite Diamonds + Money
Update January 13, 2022 (11 months ago)
Get it On GooglePlay
Price FREE
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Crisis Action Mod Apk – is a new creation of Pocket MMORPG which has been in the market for sometime now. The mod is created by Korean developer Kim Jae-hee. Crisis Action mod has been in the market since almost two years now and has gained immense popularity in the gaming world. Crisis Action mod has various different kinds of challenges that can be engaged in such a storyline, player vs. player, and more.

The story of Crisis Action mod begins in the year 2020. A mysterious organization called the Foundation is sent to investigate the disappearance of an archaeological team in the swamps of North Korea. What actually happened is that their helicopter was attacked by soldiers belonging to the military. One of the helicopters was completely destroyed and there are only a few people on board including the pilot. As a result of the attack, all of the crew members were killed and only one man survived and escaped to tell the story.

It is up to you to uncover the identity of the culprit and bring down the military forces. Among the different crisis action features in Crisis Action mod are the player vs player battle. This is a type of battle in which players can engage in a hand-to-hand struggle. The objective is to win by taking down more players than your opponent. If more players are left alive, you get to continue playing.

Crisis Action mod has a unique online action mode that can be played in single-player and versus game play with two players in the local area. The global version of this game also features a campaign mode where you can choose from different types of missions. In the global version, you can take on different missions and challenge other players for a chance at being the top player.

The mod offers many unique features and one of them is the in-game guide. It gives you tips and guides in your quest to find the best weapons, armors, and perks that you need to level up fast. There are also many secrets that are included in the in-game guide. Some of these include descriptions of underground passages, codes used to gain entrance into secured areas, and how to trigger time-limited attacks that have a devastating effect on the enemy. The guide also includes the mission details so you know what you’re facing ahead of time.

Crisis Action Mod Features

Crisis Action mod features some high range game features. You can choose between various challenges depending on what you want to do in the game. You can try to conquer everything that you can on your way or you can just stay focused and focus on a single objective like ‘kill X amount of zombies’. You can also set up a personal goal and go for it with an army of undead. You can even build up your own zombie army and annihilate anyone who stands in your way.

Google Play helps your PC to run smoother by providing it with the best Google Play game providers. Crisis Action mod has been integrated with Google Play games, so you won’t have any compatibility issues while playing the game. You can download the mod version for free from Google Play but if you want the premium version, you have to purchase it at the price listed on the Google Play Store.

The Google Play version is also available for people who don’t want to install anything on their phones. Crisis Action mod Apk Unlimited Diamond is not a virus but it’s spyware. This spyware can enter your system through the P2P (peer-to-peer) files you download and share using your computer. Crisis Action mod is a rogue program that can only be removed with the help of professional anti-malware software.