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Egg Inc Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Egg, Golden Eggs)

Auxbrain Inc
Name Egg Inc
Offered By Auxbrain Inc
Version 1.22.2
Size 87M
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Updated February 2, 2022
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Egg Inc Mod Apk This is the story of how the popular engine mod was introduced and played. In November 2021, we released another game by our studio – engine RPG. It’s the best selling rpg for android and I think it’s because we added a lot of great features and tweaks to the existing egg simulator. One of those tweaks was to the egg inc game story. I’d like to share with you this feature that we included in our egg inc mod.

We made changes to the leveling up system of egg: Rise of the Phoenix. When we made this change we thought that we would make it more difficult but actually the changes didn’t make it any harder at all. So, here are some of the levels we’ve improved upon in the game:

Egg Inc Mod Apk Unlimited Money/Gems

Level cap increased from 75 to 80. Our testers found this very annoying and they actually suggested that we remove the cap to increase the challenge. But in the end we decided to keep it there. The egg simulator gets very easy at higher levels, so we don’t want to lose the challenge at the mid-game. Therefore we kept the cap.

Monster health bar re-designed. When we started this project we didn’t know if we would make the engine mod support multi-player or not. But we decided to add a new health bar so that you need to get hit by more than one enemy to kill them. That way you will be able to kill the big bosses faster and without dying too often.

Enemy AI adjusted. At the start of the project we wanted egg simulator to have the same AI as the original eggman. During the development we realized that the enemies were way too aggressive and they easily killed players who were just standing around. We adjusted the AI to be a bit smarter and now they run away when they see you. But you still need to use your shield effectively otherwise they can still attack you from behind.

Item duplication. At the beginning of the game we thought it would be cool if you could buy all the weapons and armor from egginc. But then we realized that the items would just get placed randomly on the map. So we added a system where the armor and weapons are placed next to the egg icon. This makes it so you have to go back to the egg icon before you can pick up an item!

Updated enemy graphic. If you look at the bottom right corner of egginc screen you will notice that it has a graphic of an egg and you kill it. That was our first mistake. Now the enemy is really looking angry and has a sword and shield!

Updated the music. Now eggsimulator has its own customized music, and not just any random music, but a nice original track. That makes it more fun to play.

You can now skip the intro videos. The intro videos are way too long. And we didn’t want to put them in anymore since they take ages to load. They take forever to load even on high-speed internet. So we made them smaller and you won’t miss them at all!

Egg Inc Mod Apk Download 

Changed the tutorial text. We removed the boring text from the egg simulator part of the tutorial. It was kind of annoying that the text disappeared when you tried to get to the egg form.

The graphics were improved a lot. The icons were redesigned and many more improvements were done. We hope that the end result will make you appreciate our work even more! Thanks to all those who gave their opinions on the improvement!

If you want to know more about this amazing egg simulator, you can check out our engine review. We also have a video showing you how to get the most from your egg simulation experience. Our egg simulator is not only fun but it also helps you improve your skills. It is definitely worth it. Learn more about egg inc mod apk today!