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Emergency Hq Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Promotion Software GmbH
Name EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy
Offered By Promotion Software GmbH
Version 1.7.01
Size 66M
Get it On GooglePlay
Updated January 27, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gems
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The game has excellent graphics and its gameplay is phenomenal, it keeps you glued to your mobile device the entire time you are playing. It features exciting new items, buildings, and characters that can help players out in their quest to conquer the game world.

We would like to invite you to download this game because it’s free of charge and surely will entertain you no matter what mood you are in. Make sure to play this game on your spare time, it definitely won’t let you get bored for even one second.

Emergency Hq Introduction

Hello! This is Hayato. How about playing a game? Emergency HQ is a firefighter rescue strategy game. It’s fun and exciting, and you can join it on your smartphone. Feel free to download and play! Just by entering EMERGENCY HQ on Google Play, you will immediately find it. If you’re enjoying it, please give me 5 stars so that more people can enjoy it as well  See you!

How do you play?

The game begins by choosing your team. There are three firefighting agencies you can choose from, each with five different characters to select from. As you progress through missions, new characters become available. The goal of each mission is to rescue people who have been injured in a disaster area while extinguishing fires that are springing up everywhere.

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Emergency Hq Gameplay

In Emergency HQ, you play as a firefighter going through a burning building to rescue trapped civilians. Firefighters have a variety of tools at their disposal: a fire extinguisher, flashlights and oxygen tanks to provide light and breathable air. Each level requires quick thinking and planning to complete all missions before your oxygen runs out! One mistake can be devastating – do you have what it takes?

Emergency Hq Game Feature

  • addictive gameplay
  • amazing graphics
  • control your fire truck car with buttons on screen
  • there are many obstacles on your way, try to collect all red flowers and also find keys for unlock levels;
  • drive carefully to reach destination point in time
  • you need to avoid water obstacle because it will make your car be drowned if you fall into water
  • build your best high score, challenge top scores of people in world!

Emergency Hq Mod Apk

Emergency HQ is a rescue strategy game where you need to help firemen and paramedics rescue people from burning buildings and natural disasters. You have to drive through neighborhoods, collect injured people and bring them back to your base so they can be treated by your staff.

As you progress in levels, you will have more people that need rescuing, as well as new vehicles. In addition, you will unlock harder difficulties with shorter times for each level. There are many upgrades available for your vehicles that will help you complete levels even faster.

Is EMERGENCY HQ offline?

If you’re looking for a stress-free firefighter rescue strategy game, you can breathe easy. There’s no need to call 911 with Emergency HQ. This addictive and realistic firefighting simulation game lets you keep your cool as a municipal firefighter as you race against time and risk to complete daring fire rescue missions.

As a newly hired firefighter, your goal is to become skilled enough to take on daily calls for help from cities all over North America. You’ll be treated to gorgeous graphics that make it feel like a real-life video game, strategic thinking that gets your heart racing, and tons of rewards at every turn.

How do you play EMERGENCY headquarters on PC?

If you are willing to play games on PC than there is no need to worry about playing Emergency HQ android game on PC. There are plenty of apps available that can help you play Android games on your pc or laptop computers. One can also download BlueStacks App Player which lets you run Android mobile apps smoothly on your Windows desktop computer. It has nearly million users across all platforms.

The software allows users to browse multiple apps simultaneously, assign keyboard shortcuts for each app and lots more other options to make your android experience better. This is one of the best alternative app players for android phones which makes it easier for people to access thousands of applications running Google Play Store directly from their desktop computer with minimum efforts.

What is the highest level in EMERGENCY HQ?

The highest level in Emergency HQ is episode 9. To get to episode 9, you must complete each previous episode and get a high enough score. In every mission you get 3 chances to get 3 stars.

The first time you complete an episode, you will be awarded 1 star for completing it successfully. The second time, 2 stars and your final attempt will earn you 3 stars if completed successfully in full in under 4 minutes 40 seconds without dying or using any retries.

Emergency Hq Mod Apk Download

Emergency HQ is a game that will allow you to immerse yourself in an exciting world, where your job will be to save people. You’ll have all kinds of machines and tools at your disposal in order to do so. One of them is a powerful fire truck with water cannon.

Another one is a helicopter which you can use to fly over an accident site and check what’s going on from above or request additional help when you’re in need. You can also drive ambulances, tow trucks and sports cars if you prefer faster ways of reaching your target destination.

In Emergency HQ there are multiple environments for you to play around with: from cities devastated by an earthquake or suffering from a hurricane, tornadoes or fires, up until crossing rivers via rafts for example.