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Facebook APK v438. (Unlocked More Features)

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Meta Platforms, Inc.
Name Facebook
Offered By Meta Platforms, Inc.
Size 128 MB
Latest Version 438.
MOD Info (Unlocked More Features)
Update October 30, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Price FREE

Social networking platforms provide the best atmosphere for online community participation. These platforms allow family and friend communication. Facebook connects almost 2.6 billion individuals worldwide, so you may soon join a big social network. Because of this, it has become the biggest online community where anyone from across the globe may exchange information on any Internet-connected device.

While any web browser will work, most Android users prefer the official FB app on mobile devices. You may access all the social network’s features while using your portable devices as you choose.

The official Android social networking app is Facebook, the original and still most popular. Again, this app centralizes your most-used FB services to simplify your experience.

About Facebook APK

This Facebook app acts like the website’s browser. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t support FB games.

You can browse your timeline, post and store photographs, change your status, and remark from anywhere, excluding games.

Share any material using the official FB app, one of its finest features. Upload photos and videos from your computer to your profile.

Features Of Facebook APK

Heavy Facebook users need the Android app. It has one severe drawback despite its numerous advantages. Uptodown has FB Messenger, the standalone software needed to access your email from your phone. You must go the additional mile to check your FB direct messages as the software doesn’t allow it.

How Does It Impact?

FB’s great Android app lets you access the social network fast and conveniently. FB’s social functions are now available without slow browsers. FB’s complete features are accessible on most Android phones, with a streamlined and enjoyable experience.

Reach out to loved ones immediately. You may choose any social media profile. Browse public FB profiles and pages to learn about others. Use FB’s simple messengers to chat with friends and stay in touch. Share your favorite websites, movies, and photographs. The mobile app will include all of FB’s main functions.

To improve usability, the intriguing mobile app may require some adjustments. Android users may download a modified version of the app that includes several beneficial features that would be in the main software. The official app lacks these functionalities. Try the amazing Facebook Mod mobile app to simplify and make your life more accessible.

Wants And Needs

Interested parties may get the official program from the Google Play Store at any time. This applies to our updated software as well. After applying our hack, only ARM-based devices may use the software and its functionalities. Thus, your options may be restricted.

Distinctive Traits

Facebook users with Android devices may install the great mobile app to start their interesting and dynamic social experiences. You may contact one other or comment to each other’s postings on our site to reconnect with old friends and family. You may also establish new pals outside of your present circle without losing your social life. That’s why Facebook is fantastic for mobile social networking.

Stay Current On Many Online Events

Android users linked to FB will also get event and activity alerts. Likes, comments, user involvement with your material, and stuff you follow and receive updates from. FB will also provide comprehensive account activity records. This makes the online social network seem like a physical place for most users.

Attend Intriguing Local Events

Facebook sends many alerts and offline activity ideas to keep you active in local social life. You may like some of these events. Thus, sometimes it’s best to put down your phone and request FB pals to join you in the recommended activities. The software is great for meeting new acquaintances online or in person.

Have Fun With These Entertaining Distractions

Android Facebook users who are bored and out of ideas could attempt one of the numerous minigames. This option is offered to those trapped in life. Play the best online games from your FB app. If you bring your friends into the game, you can have fun.

Join Online Marketplaces Or Find Local Companies

Facebook offers local business settings for online shop advertising to merchants and consumers. This improves FB for everyone. Listing whatever you want for sale and connecting buyers is possible. Buyers now have access to trustworthy consumer reviews and vendor information. Thus, FB Marketplace is safe for buying and selling.


Facebook lets Android users participate in a wide variety of engaging online activities beyond Instagram. Use its many beneficial features that the web-based equivalent lacks. Most importantly, our website always has the fully patched program and its great features for free.