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Filelinked APK v2.1.9 (Premium Unlocked, Latest Version)

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Name Filelinked Apk
Offered By Techno Developers
Size 6.9M
Latest Version 2.1.9
MOD Info (Premium Unlocked)
Update October 30, 2023 (7 months ago)
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In this digital era, the sharing of files between devices is no more a matter of concern. Click the “Share” button of any file-transferring Android app to transfer one file or a compilation of them to another device and you’re done. But, do all file-sharing platforms support app transfers? No, not at all! Here’s the importance of Filelinked App. Want to dive into details about this file-transferring platform? Let’s do it together.

This App Offers You To Create Filelinked Stores

With this app, you can collect your different types of files and store them in your personalized stores. The files may range from images and videos to APK applications, documents, and other applications. So, if you can’t share certain apps and other files through your already-installed conventional app stores, then take the help of this App to make it possible.

This App Is A Secured Application

This file-transferring platform only allows file transfer if the user can provide it with the genuine unique code it demands. Once you process your compiled files in this app to make them transferred to any other device (of your friend) containing this same app, the Filelinked application will ask your friend to enter the unique code generated from your app before transferring the files into his device. If it gets the unique code it demands, your files will get transferred to the pre-set destination. Otherwise, it will reject your request. So, be tension-free with this app as your files will be in safe hands.

This App Facilitates The Transfer Of Various Custom Applications And Mod APK Files

Are you an Android phone user who is interested in Android customization? Would you like to distribute various apps not present in the mainstream application stores? Then, the Filelinked App file transferring platform is for you. No matter whether you need to transfer a niche utility application or any other modified apps and APKs, this file-transferring application will be always there to assist you.

This App Also Facilitates The Transfer Of Various Media Files

Want to share media content like videos, images, voice files, animations, multimedia files, etc with your close ones? With this App, you will face no problem at all in accomplishing it. Also, this app will assist you in distributing your set of curated content files or notes to your students or other persons in a methodical manner. So, no matter whether you are a tutor, a content writer, or any other professional, with this versatile tool, you will always be good to go.

This App Gives You Community Support

Filelinked file sharing application comprises a user’s community who feels pleasure in sharing their experiences with the App. So, whenever you feel any problem while operating the app or need any troubleshooting guide, feel free to discuss it with this community and you will get the solution for it within a few minutes.

The App Ensures That Your Multiple Files Get Shared Within No Time

Sometimes, sharing multiple files at the same time in a conventional app takes a lot of time. It’s exhausting and boring to wait for the completion of this process when the process is so slow. But, with this App, you will face this issue no more. The app ensures the speedy sharing of files, even though the number of files you’re transferring is huge in number. Another positive side of this app is that the app eliminates long URLs. Also, the app specializes in multitasking.

What Precautions To Take While Using This App?

Since with this App, you can share all kinds of files among various devices, there remains a chance of transferring copyrighted files and files with malicious contents or viruses unconsciously. It may lead to legal issues in the future. So, while transferring files using this app, you always need to do it with proper caution. One of the downsides of this app is that the files that this app stores are beneficial for usage by the company.

How To Use This App?

To use this app, first, click “Create Code”. You will get redirected to the page for the creation of your free Filelinked account. Once the “signup” or “login” process is complete, go to the app’s dashboard. Now, create a fresh list incorporating your documents’ file names, logos, URLs, etc. Enter the Filelinked code of your list on the Filelinked App. The files will start getting downloaded.

#Note– With this app, you don’t have to worry about the codes being leaked on the internet. However, you can store these codes in this app without any tension so that you can later share them with your friends to transfer the required files. Though the app is confidential with the codes unless you want it to share, it poses the right to use your shared contents however it thinks suitable. It can post, show, distribute, or download your shared content, if necessary.


With Filelinked application, it’s no more a hassle to transfer files including apps within Android devices. You can perform it effortlessly, irrespective of the type of files they are. So, install the app on your Android device and start transferring all kinds of files to your acquainted ones from today, whenever you wish.