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Golf Rival Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold, Gems)

Name Golf Rival
Offered By Zynga
Version 2.53.229
Size 139M
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Updated January 24, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited Gold, Gems
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Golf Rival Mod Apk is an online mod for the iPhone and iPod Touch which allow you to play a challenging golf game. This game enables you to enjoy a golfing experience while being updated with all kinds of new features. Golf Rival features an incredibly realistic and fast-paced gameplay where you have to hit and parry the ball to score points. You can even buy extra golf clubs in this game.

Golf Rival Mod is a unique and modified version of Golf Rival where you get to play unlimited gems, money and other rewards. It’s also a free and fully multiplayer download for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The free version lets you practice your swing, score, and other features of the game are still accessible though the in-app purchases for gems and money.

Golf Rival Mod Features StoryLine

It features a unique storyline about an American professional golfer who travels to China to represent his country in the international tournament. The player must compete against the best players in the world and defeat them to win the championship. The iPhone version has been revised and enhanced with features that make this game more exciting and realistic. It’s available as a free download from the iTunes store.

To get access to the new features in the mod version of Golf Rival, all you need to do is download it from the iTunes store. Once it is downloaded, the application will prompt you to restart your device in order to apply the mod. It works on all of the models of Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices running on iOS 5. You’ll be prompted to join a club to unlock the true potential of the game.

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Golf Rival Mod Addition Features 

The main feature of this mod is the addition of golf practice mode. This enables you to practice your swing and get good feedback on your stance and golf shot. The course gallery provides a list of golf courses you’ve played so far and their average score. You can also find out which clubs you’re using best to master the game.

You can invite your friends to play along with you. The game allows two people to play at the same time over Wi-Fi if both of them have an Internet connection. In other words, it’s possible for multiple players to play a game over this network. If you’re a golfing enthusiast, then this is definitely a feature you should check out. You can challenge your golfing friends to a game of golf and see who has the best shot or technique.

The mod provides various different challenges for every level of golf-playing experience. As you advance to the higher levels, you are offered various challenges too. There are new golf course types available as well. The challenges can be tailored according to your skill level. There are no limits as to how many players can compete on one screen.

This Golf Rival Mod Apk software is the best for golf lovers and even beginners. It enables you to enjoy the game in a hassle free manner. With this application, you no longer have to worry about missing a ball or trying to hook a ball after it’s been hit. You can get all these problems solved with Golf Lace rivals. It also gives you a chance to improve your golf skills.

Golf Rival Mod Apk Download 

While you can play against golf rivals, you can also do some friendly competition. You can choose from a wide range of golf courses and try to beat all the other golfers. There is no end to the challenges you will face while playing this fantastic game. There are various levels of difficulty as well. For beginners, there are beginner modes. In expert mode, you can prove your golfing skills to be quite formidable.

You can also purchase upgrades for your golfing equipment. There is a wide range of golf equipment available with this application. You can buy clubs, balls, apparel, and golf bags. You can even customize your golf swing using the different attachments available with the Golf Lace Mod apk.

This application enables you to challenge other players through its interface. It is simple to use and you can start playing golf straight away. There are various options to choose from when you are purchasing this mod for your iPhone or iPod Touch. No matter what type of golfing you are interested in, you can download Golf Lace Mod Apk and enjoy the game to its full potential.