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Imvu Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Credit)

IMVU, Inc.
Name Imvu
Offered By IMVU, Inc.
Size 173M
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Updated January 18, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited Credit
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Why Join IMVU? IMVU is an online avatar community that allows users to create 3D avatars, chat, share interests, play games, shop, and more. IMVU makes it easy to connect with new people from around the world by giving users the option to friend other users or even chat one-on-one in their own private chat rooms.

What Is Imvu Mod Apk

The Imvu mod apk can be used to play different types of games on your android phone. It’s an app that allows you to meet new people, chat with others and create your very own 3D character or avatar which can later be modified by downloading additional content.

The IMVU application offers a few tools to create avatars with visual appeal while adding elements of fun. Users can customize their avatar’s clothes, hairstyle and facial appearance before interacting with other virtual online communities. Using its instant messaging feature, users are able to communicate in real time regardless of their location. The IMVU android app is designed for all ages and skill levels, allowing kids as young as 9 years old join in on socializing while meeting others with similar interests.

Imvu Gameplay

What is Imvu? If you’re unfamiliar with it, Imvu (short for in-my-virtual-universe) is an avatar platform that allows you to create your own customizable 3D character. You can upload pictures of yourself or use one of their faces, and then dress it up with tons of different clothes and accessories—and even morph your character into hundreds of different shapes.

While there are some video game elements, Imvu seems more like a social media platform than anything else. You can chat in real-time with other users, send them virtual gifts if they invite you to be their friend (or vice versa), play mini games with them, and take quizzes about each other.

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Imvu Introduction

Credits, also known as imu credits, are used to purchase avatars and rooms in IMVU. They’re basically like real life money; you pay for items with them and if you run out, you can’t make any more purchases until you’ve earned more (or purchased some) imvu credits. Your credit total is your avatar’s worth.

This has both upsides and downsides; on one hand it means that if someone really likes your avatar they can essentially buy it by paying for some of your credits. It also means that if someone doesn’t have a lot of points they might still be able to get something from an avatar owner who is willing to sell their stuff outright.

How To Get Imvu Gems Free?

Imvu credits are points you can buy with real money. They’re virtual currencies that you use to buy items for your avatar. The most important reason to have imvu credits is that they help you make new friends. If a user sees another user has a lot of credit, they can send a friend request and ask them to give them something cool in exchange for a few imvu credits.

This way users build relationships and make friends with one another through commerce by exchanging imvu credits. For example, if Person A wants 10 kai tokens from Person B, Person A will send Person B an offer of 1250 Credits + 25 free Credits (total 1375) in exchange for 10 kai tokens from Person B.

What are imvu credits?

Imvu credit means that you can use your imvu account as a currency to purchase extra features. This is an alternative to buying virtual currency such as Diamonds and Gift Cards. Imvu credits are available in many denominations but can only be used on services or products that cost credits.

They cannot be used to purchase other currencies such as diamonds or gift cards, nor may they be redeemed for cash (except where required by law). Instead, imvu credits may only be purchased directly from Imvusoft and may not be purchased from any third parties.. The price of imvu credit depends on how much time it takes our payment provider to confirm your payment.

Imvu Mod Apk Download

Imvu is a growing social network where people meet and interact with each other through avatars. Imvu offers a great deal of flexibility in creating avatars, clothes, and accessories.

There are also tons of free items to choose from, but they can be enhanced using points purchased with real money. People enjoy role-playing, interacting, and generally having fun on Imvu. In order to unlock all that fun though, one needs to subscribe to imvu memberships that will set you back about $10 per month.