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iQIYI – Watch Drama Movies, Anime Show

Name iQIYI - Drama, Anime, Show
Offered By iQIYI
Size 66M
Latest Version 5.3.0
MOD Info Ads-Free
Update March 29, 2023
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Price FREE

iQIYI, Inc. is a leading online streaming platform based in China, often referred to as the “Netflix of China.” Launched in April 2010, it offers a vast library of content, including licensed TV shows, movies, variety shows, and original productions. iQIYI’s primary focus is on delivering high-quality video content to users across various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

The company was founded by Gong Yu and is a subsidiary of Baidu, one of China’s largest internet companies. iQIYI has experienced significant growth since its inception, boasting millions of subscribers and a wide range of content, including international and domestic titles. The platform uses a hybrid business model, which combines both ad-supported and subscription-based services to cater to different user preferences.

In addition to its core streaming business, iQIYI has expanded into other areas such as virtual reality, live broadcasting, online gaming, and e-commerce. The company is also involved in the production and distribution of its original content, which has been well-received both domestically and internationally.

iQIYI continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and big data to enhance user experience, improve content recommendation, and streamline operations. By combining technological innovation with a diverse content library, iQIYI aims to solidify its position as a leading online entertainment platform in China and beyond.

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Features Of iQIYI

iQIYI offers a wide range of features to provide an engaging and personalized entertainment experience for its users. Some of the key features of the platform include:

  1. Extensive Content Library: iQIYI boasts a vast collection of content, including popular TV series, movies, variety shows, documentaries, and animations. The platform offers both domestic Chinese productions and international titles, catering to a diverse audience.
  2. Original Content: iQIYI produces and distributes its own original content, such as TV shows and movies, which have gained significant popularity both in China and abroad.
  3. Personalized Recommendations: Using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, iQIYI provides tailored content recommendations for users based on their viewing history and preferences, enhancing the overall user experience.
  4. High-Quality Streaming: iQIYI offers high-definition video streaming with adaptive bitrate technology to ensure a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience, even on slower internet connections or lower-end devices.
  5. Subtitles and Language Support: iQIYI provides multilingual subtitles and language support for a wide range of content, making it accessible to a global audience.
  6. Offline Viewing: Users can download content to watch offline, enabling them to enjoy their favourite shows and movies even without an internet connection.
  7. Interactive Features: iQIYI offers interactive features such as bullet screen comments, where users can post real-time comments on the screen while watching a show, and participate in live polls and quizzes during variety shows and other interactive programs.
  8. VIP Membership: iQIYI offers a VIP membership program, which provides users with exclusive content, ad-free viewing, and other perks.
  9. Social Sharing: Users can share their favorite content on social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo directly from the iQIYI app.
  10. Virtual Reality: iQIYI has also introduced virtual reality (VR) technology, allowing users to enjoy immersive and interactive content through VR headsets.
  11. Live Streaming: iQIYI offers live streaming of sports events, concerts, and other live performances, giving users a real-time viewing experience.

Overall, iQIYI provides a comprehensive entertainment platform that combines a vast content library, original productions, personalized recommendations, and innovative features to deliver a unique and engaging viewing experience to its users.

How To Use iQIYI

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use iQIYI:

  1. Sign up for an iQIYI account: You can sign up for a free iQIYI account on the iQIYI website or through the iQIYI app. You can also sign up using your social media accounts such as WeChat, Facebook, or Twitter.
  2. Search for content: Once you have signed up and logged in, you can search for content by using the search bar on the home page or by browsing the different categories on the app.
  3. Choose the content you want to watch: Click on the title of the TV series, movie, or other content you want to watch to open the video player.
  4. Select your preferred language and subtitles: You can select your preferred language and subtitles for the content you are watching by clicking on the “Settings” icon in the video player and choosing the desired language and subtitle options.
  5. Enjoy the content: Once you have selected your language and subtitle options, you can click on the “Play” button to start watching the content.
  6. Use the interactive features: If the content has interactive features such as bullet screen comments or live polls, you can participate by clicking on the appropriate buttons or icons.
  7. Download content for offline viewing: If you want to watch content offline, you can download it by clicking on the “Download” button next to the video player.
  8. Upgrade to VIP membership: If you want to access exclusive content and other perks, you can upgrade to iQIYI’s VIP membership program.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can start using iQIYI to watch your favourite TV series, movies, and other content.


iQIYI is a popular online streaming platform that offers a wide range of content to a diverse global audience. With its extensive content library, original productions, personalized recommendations, high-quality streaming, and innovative features such as virtual reality and live streaming, iQIYI provides a unique and engaging viewing experience for its users. By signing up for an iQIYI account, users can easily search for and watch their favourite TV series, movies, and other content, while also taking advantage of interactive features and VIP membership benefits. Overall, iQIYI is a comprehensive entertainment platform that continues to grow in popularity and provide a compelling alternative to traditional TV and movie viewing experiences.