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KENDALL & KYLIE Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Coins)

Offered By Glu
Size 20M
Latest Version 2.8.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Coins
Update January 14, 2022 (11 months ago)
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Price FREE
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K&L Ashley and Kendall mod APK has been created by the two biggest and most trusted names in the industry, K&L Ashley and Kendall.

The concept of this type of application has many people wondering if the two are simply trying to cash in on the popularity of the BlackBerry, but many believe that this app could have potential to replace many other types of apps on your BlackBerry device.


For one, K&L and Kendall have the right knowledge and expertise in creating applications that work perfectly with the BlackBerry. Their ability to create the applications are what makes their products so desirable.

BlackBerry is the hottest product in the market and with millions of users already, it only stands to reason that more companies will try to capitalize on the interest of these users by offering their own applications. When you consider the number of different programs that exist on your BlackBerry, you can see just how many different programs are currently available.

Some of the different types of applications include games, email, calendar and much more. Some of the more popular applications on the BlackBerry include the MyFaves, BBM, BBG, and many others. If you have a BlackBerry that you want to keep up to date with all the latest information then the K&L Ashley & Kendall mod APK are for you.

How To Install KENDALL & KYLIE Mod Apk 

This application provides you with the ability to get your BlackBerry to automatically download new BBM messages for free. Not only do you get the ability to download free BBM messages, but you also have the option to get your friends to sign up for your BBM so they too get the messages automatically downloaded.

Another feature is being able to get your BlackBerry to notify you whenever a new member joins the BBM chat room. If your BlackBerry is not receiving the message that your friend has joined the room then they will automatically receive the alert in real time.

K&L Ashley & Kendall mod APK also give you the option to create new BBM groups without the need to enter the room, you can just enter the message and the group you are joining and let it automatically be added to the room. This can be used when you want to share a special event or even create your own group.

You can also use this application to keep track of your BBM contact list and even create new ones. so you can easily see who your friends are talking to and add them to your contact list.

KENDALL & KYLIE Mod Apk Android 

There are so many other features that this app has to offer. These include creating an RSS feed so you can easily keep up with the latest news on your BlackBerry, as well as making your account password very secure.

Kendall & Kendall mod APK also offers you the ability to set your own color theme for the BlackBerry. If you want to have a nice clean look then this is the right application for you to use.

KENDALL & KYLIE Mod Features

There are many other features that you can enjoy with this application including keeping a daily reminder for your BlackBerry by setting it to remind you when you are due for your BBM messages. Also the system will send your BBM messages to all of your BlackBerry phones so that you never miss a message again.

Also, this application allows you to customize your BBM message. and profile and you can even change the font color, size and the background.

Kendall & Kendall mod APK is a great way to keep your BlackBerry updated and always up to date. With this application you can even get updates whenever a new version of the BlackBerry arrives.