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Kisscartoon – Watch Online Cartoon Free

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World, Inc
Name KissCartoon
Offered By World, Inc
Size 13M
Latest Version 1.0
MOD Info Ad-Free
Update November 3, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Price FREE

Most KissCartoon users seldom logged in. That was because they didn’t see its benefits. It was also forgotten by most individuals after the first usage. Thus, they never received their desired advantages. Again, the app regularly crashed due to extensive use. The website’s slowness was another issue. The pirate website was hard to use due to the rise in views, unlike other websites who spent a lot of time, energy, and money on their online presence. Similar-themed websites often change domain names after being sued for copyright infringement.

About Kisscartoon

KissCartoon offered a wide collection of animated TV episodes, cartoons, anime, and movies online. During its life, it was lauded and severely ridiculed. Due to its large storage of copyrighted data without permission, it operated in a legal murky area while offering a broad range of material.

Features of Kisscartoon

Lots Of Cartoons

This app was noted for its extensive cartoon library. Users may watch old cartoons, contemporary animated shows, and animated films from many genres.

Free To Take

This app was great for streaming animated videos for free. No membership or payment is required to use the site.

Easy Interface

A simplistic UI was typical of the website. Users may simply locate their favorite cartoons and movies.

Multiple Video Sources

This app  episodes and films typically have many video sources. This feature let viewers choose a reliable and high-quality streaming provider.

Substance Classification And Grouping

The website’s content curation capabilities let users filter by category, genre, release year, and more. This simplifies finding new movies and TV series.

Leave Comments And Stars

Users may comment on episodes or seasons. This feature allowed community members to offer their views, opinions, and suggestions.

Use Favorites And Bookmarks

Users saved the app material and highlighted noteworthy bits regularly. Users liked using this tool to monitor programs they were watching or intending to watch.

Alerts & Current Info

Website visitors would be notified of new episodes, program changes, and new content. This helps folks see the latest animated movies.

The Issues About Safety

Regarding security concerns, the app has been deemed risky in the past. Users’ PCs and other devices were at danger of malware infection while visiting the website. Before accessing the site, users have to install trusted antivirus software. Kiss Anime Network got money via poisoned adverts. The page kept redirecting and popping new windows, recording browser history as JavaScript. It was commonly known that hackers would insert viruses and other malware in these files.


Since the website’s ads weren’t regulated by Google, they were more infectious. It was suspected that hackers used the app and the malware users got via website ads to mine cryptocurrency on visitors’ PCs. This slowed the network and made basic operations harder. Even though the bitcoin miners and malware had no direct relationship to the app, the site did not take any precautions to avoid the attacks.

Without strong anti-malware and ad-blocking software, the site was unsafe for online comic viewing. However, the app has been the focus of legal challenges and takedowns, thus its condition may have altered after my last update in January 2022. Legal streaming services are better for getting data without breaching the law.


We must underline that KissCartoon and other similar websites were sued for copyright infringement. Copyrighted information was easily seen without permission, therefore its owners began many efforts to remove it and modify their domain names. Illegal streaming users risk viruses and false ads.