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Lovelink Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems, Diamonds)

Ludia Inc.
Name Lovelink™- Chapters of Love
Offered By Ludia Inc.
Size 146M
Latest Version 1.10.4
MOD Info Unlimited Gems, Diamonds
Update July 7, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Price FREE
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Do you find it difficult to find the perfect someone? LovelinkTM – Chapters of Love Game, offers you an opportunity to choose your partner and fall in love! Choose from over 140 boys and girls and meet new people every day! There’s never been such a wonderful way to search for your soul mate or just to have fun!

With LovelinkTM – Chapters of Love Game you can chat, flirt, play exciting games and even sing karaoke with other players, as well as invite them on dates and meet in real life! Download now and take the first step towards your happy ending!

What is Lovelink Mod Apk

Lovelink is a new android game developed by Love theme. The goal of Lovelink is to help players find their soulmates by chatting with different people in chatroom. The main character will be helped through out her journey in finding her special someone.

The game offers lots of excitement and fun in which every player gets involved in! Everybody want’s to be loved. Find it here with LovelinkTM – Chapters of Love Game, free download now! Share your love experience here! More friends you meet, more chances to find your Soulmate. Meet strangers in global Live Chatroom for romance, friendships or simply have fun together.

A nice way to escape from routine life is being online.Chatting with others around you could change your attitude when nothing goes right. Whatever reason brings you here, don’t hesitate any longer! Just give yourself some time to open up completely without feeling pressure about how people would think about what you say at all! We won’t judge, promise!

Just feel free being online in our Chatrooms with everybody around you sharing common interests waiting for your words. Get noticed at once with that unique username that can stand out among thousands users or even millions active members in our app daily.

Lovelink Chapter Introduction

Tap on star of Lovelink to become true love of your life. It’s very easy to register, just fill in your nick name and password, login with Facebook or Google account, then enjoy chatting with someone who is similar to you. You can view each other’s score history and send gifts by using LVE. The main thing is you must catch up before he/she leaves it! If your love can see your love star frequently, then his/her love feeling will also grow faster. What are you waiting for? Come on! And be true lover on Lovelink now! Have a try!

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Lovelink Game story

You will meet with your new girlfriend (the game character) in school; she has lost her memories about you. So, you will need to do whatever possible to recover her missing memories back and also help them strengthen their love. On one hand, if you make some mistakes or make some wrong choices during your journey, you will lose her love or even break up with each other.

On another hand, If you can follow all of rules and guidelines which are given by game system. There is high possibility that you two will be together for ever.

You can earn coins while playing games such as LoveMatch and Quiz. Spend coins to buy gifts at Flower Shop like roses, wine etc., decorate their home screen together like wallpapers, ringtones etc., exchange messages with Love Messenger etc. You may also use tokens purchase gifts from Shop section on home screen such as flowers, food items and jewelry for enhancing your dating success level and upgrading various facilities of School Life Gamestory: 50 different life scenarios like Prom Night, Cheerleader Dance Show Competition, Science Exhibition Competition etc.

Lovelink Chapter Gameplay

Play as a matchmaker and help couples find true love. This fun simulation game gives you power to play matchmaker and try your hand at guiding those lucky enough to come under your watchful eye! Bring together LovelinkTM couples and use what you learn from their romantic encounters to find other people who could be a good fit for each other.

As you work hard to test your skills, you’ll unlock lots of new characters and locations that can be used in different scenarios. The more successful couples you introduce, the more points you earn – and high scores will net you rewards like gems or coins! Work with a set amount of time to conduct each round.

Decide how many characters from your pool of potential mates to put into play before each meeting takes place – but make sure they all have something interesting in common if you want them to hit it off. You can then track individual stats over time, letting you observe what kinds of messages spark romance between various pairings so that if two singles happen upon one another again down the road, they’re much more likely to hit it off based on previous experiences.

Lovelink Game Features

A game app that creates your imagination into reality. Creating a strategy to achieve love is everything in LovelinkTM- Chapters of Love Game .The game is based on real time, so you need to act fast or slow according to your needs. Be confident and take your chances by playing with intelligence. Whether you are looking for someone special or just want to spend some time with yourself, download now LovelinkTM – Chapters of Love Game.

Unleash your inner self and feel proud about it! Let me tell you that if there is anything that I like then it would be games like these which can give me various options at one place with completely different kind of scenarios. It seems more interesting than reading books only. Here comes my favorite part that whether it’s free or not?

Well of course being an Android user makes me really happy because I do not have to pay for downloading any new application even though they are full of entertainment.

I am sure if anyone gets hooked up with games like these then he or she will definitely make time to play even when he/she is supposed to complete important task at hand.

Lovelink Graphic And Audio Feature

Lovelink is a dating sim which you can enjoy a journey of love with a new girl each time. What’s more, there are a lot of new stories for you to discover. Let’s download Lovelink on your phone and start your journey now! Coming from Vina Nguyen’s dream, choose your personality among 3 characters: Yang, Porter and Wyeon. In order to be as successful as possible on Lovelink app, I would recommend taking Yang as he has been rated as one of best dating sim characters.

It might help you get further in Lovelink game… Who knows!? Another thing that needs attention when playing How To Make A Girl Love You? game, besides choice of gender of course, is choosing an avatar according to its parameters. Create a couple by matching same character with opposite gender. Don’t worry if they look similar because it adds immersion into interactive dating simulation-free game!

Still sticking in How To Make A Girl Love You? ? Upgrade items for graphics and audio effect in mod apk version here . Download Android Dating Sim Game App From Your Mobile Phone Or Tablet Store Or Itunes App Store

Lovelink Mod Apk Download

FREE VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE. Play Lovelink for free with unlimited coins, gems and lives just a click away. We also provide a mod version of Lovelink. So download now to experience real thrill as if you are playing an official version of Lovelink

Let’s begin your exciting journey to win lots of hearts by using our lovelink hack without getting banned. The best part is that there is no need to root or jailbreak your phone to play it!

Now go ahead and start downloading lovelink v2.8 android app online today ! Keep in mind that updating should be done only via Google Play Store as it will take you directly through internet without any issues related to installing mods or patches on your phone. So download our latest lovelink 2 8 cheat tool now !

Lovelink Mod Apk Download For ISO

Lovelink is a romantic social networking game in which you play a girl in her junior year at college. Here, your mission is to find true love among your classmates and peers. Over time, however, you will have to overcome challenges that occur due to emotions or peer pressure, making you rethink whether these obstacles are worth it.

This application comes with plenty of unlockable items that will make your experiences more fun and memorable. Overall, Lovelink is an incredible simulation game that all dating sim fans should try out! Download Lovelink from our website right now by hitting a button below.

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