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Magisk v26.3 (Unlocked More Features)

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Name Magisk
Offered By Topjohnwu
Size 7.17M
Latest Version 26.3
MOD Info (Unlocked More Features)
Update October 26, 2023 (7 months ago)
Get it On GooglePlay
Price FREE

Magisk, popular third-party software, may add features, patch bugs, and upgrade Android. Additionally, it functions as your device’s Magisk manager. Even without an official Magisk APK on the Play Store, you may be able to download a customized APK for Android. Install Magisk and the Magisk Manager app now to simplify your life.

About Magisk

If you wish to use the software, the free program won’t change your OS’s partition. Installing from the Play Store is simple. The software makes the software installation simpler than the previous App Apk. Since the original Magisk Manager Apk missed some of these functions, we must learn more in this new version.

Feature Of Magisk

A magical mask called the software you change the whole system. The software outperforms Chainfire’s SuperSU. Topjohnwu became Magisk Manager. His code is the magisk team’s finest. After installing SuperSU on Android, you may have trouble using banking apps. These programs require superuser privileges to work. Maybe you’re confused about “rooting.” If the manufacturer doesn’t enable you to change the device’s software code or install alternative software, rooting may allow you to.

The softwareis included with several ROMs. The software offers so many beneficial features and lets you run any software without problems, therefore they utilize it. Many programmers now use the software exclusively.

Rooting and unrooting your device are time-consuming tasks, and no one loves doing them twice. Can you do anything if you suddenly need to log into your bank account? Phones won’t require regular unrooting. Based on this issue, Topjohnwu created an app that conceals the root from your device. the software’s role? The software runs silently and does not change the system partition. Set up a banking app or update your smartphone with official over-the-air software using the proper file.

A Free, Community-driven Project

Magisk is open-source, thus its code may be modified to develop new apps. Anyone in the globe may download the software root to root any Android smartphone.

Some Horses Can Fly Thanks To A Magical Saddle

Due to its simple UI, the software is the best Android rooting tool. It’s wonderful since it supports multiple OSes without losing functionality. The SU Magnisci MagiskSu enables user access to the software. This is the second approach guarantees smooth phone rooting. Before rooting, check SafetyNet’s Magisk verification. This gives you the software’s main directory and monthly security updates. The software may be the most enjoyable phone app.


It’s a great OS update that removes root access and modification verification. Certain services cannot determine whether the device is rooted. It’s possible to hide root access while using Android Pay or other financial apps. There are various methods.

Multiple Usage Solutions

So everyone can use the app straight away, the UI is designed to be simple. The software’s simple programming and processes make it suitable for all ability levels.

The software downloads with one click. Due to its APK need, this app is not in Google Play. The software is useless on unrooted smartphones. It can be done without rooting a smartphone. Users should install Mgisk Manager’s latest version without any issues. This software needs superuser access to download.  Users may recover modifications by right-clicking the settings gear after uninstalling Magisk.

The software lets you greatly personalize your Android experience, including update channel, look, and language. Your gadget may support your biometric authentication preferences. From Superuser, you may enable root. As an alternative, MagiskHide may conceal your root status from certain applications. The software has a settings page, home screen, and three sections.

Options For The Users

Users can inspect, deactivate, or give applications root rights in the first restricted zone. Users may also track machine changes including software upgrades and setup modifications.

Administrative applications are handled in the third part. The next two sections contain details. The first has the “Installed” heading for the end. This page displays all installed modules, and superfluous ones may be deleted. Install the software instantly to get everything on this page. This page lets users install modules from the Online area for a wide range of customization options. The software is strong yet simple. Simply select “Install from Storage,” to install previously downloaded modules.


You may edit system PROPS files, which are usually unavailable. Magisk Mirror APK allows root access and Props file editing. A device’s operating system files may be manually changed. Before changing system files, test your phone on another device. This protects your phone against changes.