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Welcome to the world of martial arts, where strength and skill reign supreme. Follow the journey of Yang Kai, a young man with a humble background, as he strives to become the strongest warrior on the Martial Peak. From humble beginnings to intense battles, this manga will take you on a thrilling adventure filled with action, drama, and the pursuit of power.

As Yang Kai climbs the ranks of the martial world, he will encounter powerful enemies, make unexpected allies, and uncover secrets that have been hidden for centuries. With his unwavering determination and fierce fighting spirit, Yang Kai will stop at nothing to reach the summit of Martial Peak. But the path to the top is fraught with danger and betrayal, and Yang Kai must use all of his wits and skills to survive. Join us as we follow Yang Kai’s journey in the action-packed manga, Martial Peak.

Who Is Martial Peak Manga?

Martial Peak is a manga created by Sousuke Sagara and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The story follows the adventures of a young man named Gouki as he strives to become the strongest martial artist in the world.

Martial Peak Manga

Martial Peak has been praised for its unique take on the martial arts genre, as well as its beautiful artwork. The manga has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 2015, and has been collected into tankobon volumes.

Martial Peak is a manga series written and illustrated by Yang Kyung-soo. It began serialization in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump in December 2012. The story follows Qi Yinshen, a young man who sets out on a journey to become the strongest martial artist in the world.

Martial Peak follows the story of Qi Yinshen, a young man who sets out on a journey to become the strongest martial artist in the world. The story begins with Qi being taken under the wing of the powerful martial artist Feng Xiaotian, who agrees to train him in the ways of martial arts. From there, Qi must endure rigorous training and overcome various challenges as he strives to reach the Martial Peak!

The Martial Peak manga is full of intense action and exciting storylines that will keep you coming back for more. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping read, then this is definitely the series for you!

The Different Types of Martial Peak Manga

There are a few different types of Martial Peak manga. The first type is the traditional martial arts story. These stories follow the journey of martial artists as they train and grow in strength. They often include elements of adventure, mystery, and suspense.

Characters And Their Development

The second type of Martial Peak manga is the modern martial arts story. These stories are set in the present day and often focus on mixed martial arts or other forms of competitive fighting. They may also include elements of drama, romance, and comedy.

The third type of Martial Peak manga is the fantasy martial arts story. These stories take place in imaginary worlds where warriors wield magical powers and fight epic battles. They are often filled with action and adventure.

What Is The Best Martial Peak Manga?

There are many great martial peak manga titles out there, but which one is the best? It really depends on what you are looking for in a manga. If you want an action-packed story with plenty of fights and great characters, then you might want to check out something like Berserk or Claymore. If you are looking for a more light-hearted and comedic martial arts story, then Dragon Ball Z might be more up your alley. No matter what your preferences are, there is sure to be a martial peak manga title that is perfect for you.


When it comes to Martial Peak manga, there are a lot of different options out there. So, what is the best Martial Peak manga?

Well, that really depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for an action-packed story with lots of fighting? Or are you looking for something a little more light-hearted and slice-of-life? Either way, there’s definitely a Martial Peak manga out there that’s perfect for you.

Some of our personal favorites include “Martial God Asura”, “Battle Through the Heavens”, and “Shen Yin Wang Zuo”. But really, it all comes down to personal preference. So take a look around and see which Martial Peak manga strikes your fancy.

How To Choose the Right Martial Peak Manga for You

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a Martial Peak manga. The first is the genre. There are many different genres of Martial Peak manga, so you should choose one that you think you will enjoy. If you are not sure what genre you like, you can try reading a few different ones to see which one you prefer.

The second thing to consider is the art style. Some people prefer manga with detailed artwork, while others prefer simpler artwork. There is no right or wrong answer here, it is simply a matter of preference.

The third thing to consider is the story. Not all Martial Peak manga have story lines, some are simply about the fights and action. If you are looking for a martial arts adventure with an engaging story, then look for a manga that has received good reviews for its story line.

Once you have considered all of these factors, it should be easier for you to choose the right Martial Peak manga for you. Remember to read a few chapters before making your final decision, so that you can get a feel for the characters and plot.

How Many Martial Peak Manga Chapters Are There?

As of July 2019, there are a total of 72 Martial Peak manga chapters. The series is ongoing, with new chapters being released every few weeks.

Martial Peak is a popular shounen manga series that follows the adventures of Wang Lin, a young man who dreams of becoming the strongest martial artist in the world. The story is set in a martial arts academy, and follows Wang Lin as he trains and grows stronger, making friends and enemies along the way.

The manga is written by Yang Kai and illustrated by Dao Zi. It began serialization in 2014, and has been collected into seven tankobon volumes as of July 2019. The series is published in English by VIZ Media.

How Many Wives Does Yang Kai Have?

In the Martial Peak manga, Yang Kai is shown to have at least four wives. However, it’s unclear how many wives he actually has in total. It’s possible that he has more than four, or that he’s had more than four at different points in time. What is known for sure is that Yang Kai is a polygamist, and that he’s very comfortable with having multiple wives.

Graphic Quality

This polygamy is likely due to the fact that Yang Kai is a powerful martial artist. In the world of Martial Peak, it’s not uncommon for strong fighters to take multiple wives. This is because they need to produce strong offspring who can carry on their legacy. By having multiple wives, Yang Kai increases his chances of doing just that.

So far, we’ve seen four of Yang Kai’s wives: Shuilian, Chen Xue’er, Yun Xinghua, and Qian Xuan. Each of them brings something unique to the relationship, and Yang Kai seems to genuinely care for all of them. It will be interesting to see how his relationships with all of his wives develop as the story progresses.


If you’re a fan of martial arts manga, then you’ll definitely want to check out Martial Peak. The story follows the journey of the young protagonist, Kang Shuo, as he sets out to become the strongest martial artist in the world. With amazing artwork and an engaging plot, Martial Peak is a must-read for any fans of the genre.