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Mathway App v4.0.8 (Problem Solver Free)

Name Mathway: Scan Photos, Solve Problems
Offered By Mathway
Size 16M
Latest Version 4.0.8
MOD Info (Premium Unlocked)
Update April 11, 2023 (2 months ago)
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Price FREE

Mathway Most people get stuck in their math courses at some point, especially in college. The good news is that there are tons of apps out there to help you with your math skills, including the popular Mathway Premium app.

This affordable app lets you view detailed solutions to any of your homework or exam questions, and it even provides instructions and guidance on how to solve certain problems as well as useful mathematical formulas and charts that you can use as study aids later on in your academic career.

What Is Mathway Premium?

Mathway is a free app that provides an offline library of formulas, and step-by-step solutions to math problems. The app includes three powerful tools: 1) Fast Math Solver 2) Unit Converter 3) Conversion Table Mathway also includes important tools such as a built-in calculator, a scientific calculator, and advanced conversion functions.

Click here to visit their website and learn more! (This service/app will be used for solving math problems.) First Steps To Getting Started With Mathway: • Download and Install from Google Play Store • Create your account • Create your profile with your personal information • Find out what types of calculations you can solve.

You can view or download many common conversions; you can use these without needing to enter in any personal information (these are called public calculators).

NOTE: if you need a specific calculator that isn’t offered online, then you will need to create an account. This means providing some personal information but it allows you unlimited access to private, converted calculators with instructions at no cost whatsoever.

What Is Mathway Premium Apk?

This application will help you in your everyday life with math. It will help you to make your education more interesting and also help you for examinations as well as other upcoming problems. You can also download Mathway Premium apk using a direct link provided at below.

The app is simple to use and has many useful features which makes it unique from others. Even if you are not interested in learning but don’t want to fail your examination then we would highly recommend downloading Mathway premium version because there are lots of practice questions available on its website which is almost impossible even after going through all books.

This app is completely free, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and just try it out now! If you feel that something about it should be changed or adjusted, then please let us know. We would like to hear from our users so that we can keep working on improving our services.

How To Use Mathway Premium Apk?

Make sure you have installed official Android Emulator on PC. Before using Mathway Premium Apk, make sure your Android Emulator’s version is same as or higher than 1.8.

The latest version of 1.8 is recommended for best performance and usage experience of Mathway Premium Apk ( see above or check it out here ). Launch Official Android Emulator by double clicking on Blue button located in between Start Menu & Taskbar Icon to launch BlueStacks 2.

Once successfully launched, Click My Apps in Bluestacks home screen. You will find all hosted apps are automatically installed into BlueStacks emulator. To run Mathway Premium Apk simply click on its icon from App Library/All Apps tab within Bluestack emulator interface.

Mathway Premium Apk Features

As a math teacher, I often find that students need practice with their basic arithmetic. The problem is there’s only so much practice that can be done in class time, and students are always looking for ways to challenge themselves outside of school. When it comes to practicing math at home, Mathway provides an engaging app that kids will actually want to play!

Kids learn while they play with fun levels that teach all kinds of interesting information. For example, one level taught me how a triangle was constructed from a square when it was cut into smaller pieces!

The coolest part is you don’t have to be able to read or write in order to play; Mathway does all of that for you! In addition to being entertaining, these games help build important life skills such as logic and pattern recognition. There are even customizable avatar options available—my kids love dressing up their characters!

If your kids love any kind of matching games (Jenga, Candy Crush), but you’re concerned about them becoming too distracted by ads or in-app purchases, consider giving Mathway a try instead.

Though many apps claim to get rid of ads and make your child safer online, many also leave plenty of loopholes for unscrupulous developers who make money off your children anyways—in my experience most developers fall somewhere between oh great! and nope, whether intentional or not.


If you’re looking to learn math for career-building purposes, check out Khan Academy. It has an amazing array of video tutorials on a wide range of topics—from basic arithmetic and algebra to discrete math, statistics, and geometry. The only downside?

You’ll have to do all your learning online; Khan Academy doesn’t have mobile apps. But if you can get past that (or are just doing your research on your computer), you’ll find a very useful tool. All videos are well made with great visuals, clear explanations, and practice quizzes that give instant feedback to help you make sense of it all.

That said, some people who can’t see math formulas might not appreciate or benefit from what’s offered here—but we think it’s worth trying out nonetheless!


Statisticians spend their days poring over numbers, but they’re not always crunching them to solve large equations. If you’re a math whiz who has no qualms about dealing with, analyzing and interpreting data—and is a general people person—you may be well-suited for a career as a statistician. You might do research at a college or university, teach introductory statistics at an undergraduate level or act as an expert in statistics for private companies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job growth in statistics to be relatively steady from 2014-2024, but it doesn’t expect more than 7,000 new jobs will open up during that time.


Evaluate these trigonometric equations. Assume that sine is an acute angle. Remember to use radians! Reciprocal identities (e.g., sin A/sin B = cos B/cos A, cscA/cscB = 1/tanB) might come in handy for some of these exercises. If you can’t recall them off-hand, go back and re-read section 6.2 from your textbook! Use positive angles only! -120<x<60 -90<x<30 0 < x < 30 60 < x < 120 Minimize integers as much as possible, unless directed otherwise. Be careful if negative numbers appear in solutions, especially if they’re very small or close to zero!

How To Download Mathway Premium Apk?

Mathway is an app that serves as a calculator for basic and complex mathematical equations. The entire interface of Mathway is rather intuitive, allowing users to easily enter equations and see results, despite any prior math knowledge.

Furthermore, Mathway even offers graphs with data points that can illustrate mathematical trends, which is quite useful in sciences like chemistry and physics. Overall, if you’re looking for a scientific calculator app that has some extra perks like graphs and image support, then Mathway should definitely be at the top of your list.