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My Charming Butler Mod Apk (Premium Choice Unlocked)

Genius Inc
Name My Charming Butler: Anime Boyfriend Romance
Offered By Genius Inc
Version 2.1.10
Size 76M
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Updated February 9, 2022
MOD Features (Premium Choice Unlocked)
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My Charming Butler Mod Apk – is one of the most popular mods for Windows Mobile platforms. This popular download allows users of the My Charming Butler phone to take on the role of a Butler and help the Butler family in fixing up their estate. The game starts with the discovery of Mrs. Butler’s dead body inside the attic. From that point, players will find themselves stuck on the estate while trying to figure out just how to solve the mystery of her death.

One of the best things about My Charming Butler mod is its user-friendliness. It uses the Windows Mobile device’s built-in dictionary so that the player can easily identify objects and features in the game. This makes the game much more fun to play as one will learn just how to use objects within the game. For example, one might find that certain objects are used for specific effects or actions in the game. The items and features in the game can also be purchased using MMS, allowing one to purchase just what they want before they are used in the game.

My Charming Butler Mod Features 

In addition, My Charming Butler mod features a great game series. The game begins with Butler Mansion, where its first boss can be found. After defeating him, players can proceed to the second boss, and so on. In each level, more challenging enemies and puzzles will appear. These levels are also full of various treasures that can be collected and stored, aside from weapons, that can then be used in the actual game.

Users can purchase weapons, equipment, and other items using MMS. One can even purchase more powerful weapons, depending upon one’s needs and desires. One of the coolest things about the My Charming Butler phone is that it is not just limited to playing these games on cell phones only. One can also play them on Blackberrys and PDAs as well. There is also an application that allows users to listen to their favorite music while playing this game.

My Charming Butler Mod Apk Free Premium Choices 

Since most of the game involves messages, there is an option for voice synthesis. This makes the game very easy to understand, thanks to the translation features. One can even choose which accent to use when speaking. Voice synthesis is especially helpful because of the many slang and cultural references in the game. When a player comes across a sentence that they do not understand, they can easily know what it means thanks to the foreign language options. Plus, voice synthesis makes it easier for players to learn new words since they can speak them at a faster rate.

Moreover, this game has a lot of great Easter eggs. For example, one Easter egg involves the My Charming Butler emailing system. One can receive Easter e-mails from Butler while playing the game. There is also another Easter egg that involves planting trees in the game. These trees will then give points every time they are planted, so one can level up faster by planting more trees.

My Charming Butler Mod Apk Download 

The My Charming Butler Mod Apk can also be used with the Facebook version of the game. The two versions play very well together thanks to the smooth integration of the interface. One can easily change the settings of the game using the dedicated buttons while one is logged into Facebook. One can also add friends to the game using the dedicated buttons present on the page.

There are various My Charming Butler mod guides available on the internet. One can simply download them and read them using a web browser. However, users must be wary about the information available on some of these guides. Some of them may contain malicious software that could harm the phones in some way.