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There are some animes today that break into the mainstream rapidly as My Hero academia. The story of Earth exists where 80% of humans develop superpowers or quirks. With this, anime supposed the world full of arch villains and superheroes. Is there any world of superheroes and villains? What is the story behind it? To get the answers to such questions, you should know about My Hero Academia Manga. In My Hero Academia Manga, there are many manga characters and elements exist.

About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia mainly follow the Izuku midoriya to the superhero world. The story of My Hero Academia is based on one boy. He goes to his school for hero training. Here, he meets the 19 other students who also come to get the heroes’ training. Thus, they all are referred to as the brightest and best heroes of the next generation. The heroes are of Class 1-A. They should learn to put their difference aside and work together to achieve success. This approach grows the heroes together and becomes professional heroes in a short time to fulfil their dreams.

List Of Characters In My Hero Academia

There are around 40- 60 characters who play roles in My Hero Academia and grow constantly. There are the selfless young boy, Izuku Midoriya and his heroic mentor, All Might.

What Is My Hero Academia Manga

  • The next character is Shoto Todoroki, who is an overpowered student who belongs to Class 1-A. He comes from a storied heroes family and has so much pressure to succeed.
  • Another vital character of My Hero Academia is katsuki bakugo. He is a former friend and hot-headed rival of Midoriya. He always wants to come to the top, no matter what he does for this.
  • The 4thcharacter, Ochaku, Ururaka, is a bubbly and gentle young girl who shows her interest in Midoriya and becomes his love in many manga series
  • At the same time, there is another character, teniya Lida. She is referred to as a stickler who wants to get the best for his classmates.
  • In the My Hero Academia, the Shota Aizawa and all might play important roles as leading characters. Their job is to keep all classmates safe.
  • The last character is the main villain of My Hero Academia, tomura shigaraki. He can kill or maim someone who only has a single touch or wants to build strong foundations.

Where Does The My Hero Academia Stream

The best thing about My Hero Academia is that it is translated into different languages, like Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese. It is praised for good messages about hard work, friendship and self-improvement. Once you know about My Hero Academia and show interest towards its character, you decide to watch it. If you are also one who wants to stream My Hero Academia, then you can use the reputed manga website on CrunchyRoll. Here, you can watch all the seasons of this series online or also get physical copies of it.

Movies Of My Hero Academia

There are a total of three sets of movies that exist in the My Hero Academia world. It shows the superheroes to show the central plot and entertain people with action stories. The first movie is Two Heroes, which you can easily watch on Netflix. The other movie available to watch is Heroes Rising. You can watch this movie on Crunchyroll. The last movie of My Hero Academia available to watch is “ world heros mission”, which you can watch on Funimation. It is available to watch on Funimation because there is a need for action movies before buying on Crunchyroll.


The favourite superheroes of people and Manga are wrapped in My Hero Academia. It includes the many superheroes and villains that are listed above. If you want to dive yourself into the story of superheroes, then you should choose My Hero Academia. It shows you the development of the great characters that play a role by keeping all the differences aside. All the characters who play roles in My Hero Academia are born without a quirk but have the dream of becoming powerful superheroes. By accessing My Hero Academia and watching movies, you can learn about more characters and engage in emotional moments, too.