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Picsart Pro APK v21.5.4 (GOLD Unlocked, Filters Unlocked)

PicsArt, Inc.
Name Picsart Photo Editor & Filters
Offered By PicsArt, Inc.
Size 66M
Latest Version 21.5.4
MOD Info Premium Features Unlocked/No Ads/Gold/Latest Version
Update February 6, 2023 (4 months ago)
Get it On GooglePlay
Price FREE

Picsart Pro is one of the most popular photo editing apps available for Android. It’s packed with features that allow you to edit photos like a pro, and it’s easy to use, even for beginners. In this blog post, we will explore the many features of Picsart Pro and how you can use them to edit your photos like a pro. From filters to masks and more, read on to learn more about what this app has to offer.

Picsart Pro Apk is an app that allows you to edit your photos and add effects to them. It is available for free on the Google Play Store and has over 100 million downloads. The app is designed for both professional and casual photographers. The app has a wide range of features, such as: – A library of filters and effects – A collage maker – A drawing tool – A photo editor – A social media platform Picsart Pro Apk also offers a premium subscription which gives you access to even more features, such as: – HD exports – Early access to new features – No ads If you’re looking for an app that will help you take your photography to the next level, Picsart Pro Apk is definitely worth checking out!

What Is Picsart Pro APK

Picsart Pro Apk is an image editing and collage making app for Android with over 150 million installs. It allows users to create beautiful images and edit them with filters, effects, and more.

Picsart Pro is a modified version of the Picsart app that includes all the premium features of the app for free. It is one of the most popular photo editing apps among Android users. With Picsart Pro Apk, you can access all the features of the app without any restrictions.

Picsart has a wide range of features that can be used to edit photos. These include filters, effects, frames, and stickers. With these features, you can easily transform your photos into works of art. You can also use Picsart Pro Apk to create collages and montages.

Picsart Pro also offers a wide range of tutorials that you can follow to improve your photo editing skills. These tutorials cover topics such as how to use different filters and effects, how to create collages, and how to montage photos.

Picsart Pro Apk is available for free on the Google Play Store. However, you need to have a rooted Android device to install this app.

Features Of Picsart Pro APK

There are a ton of features that come with the Picsart Pro APK. Here are just some of the features that you can expect to find:

  • No ads: With the Picsart Pro APK, you will never have to see an ad again. This alone is worth the upgrade for many users.
  • Unlimited access to premium fonts: With Picsart Pro, you will have access to all of the best fonts that Picsart has to offer. This will allow you to create better looking text on your photos.
  • Background remover tool: The background remover tool is one of the most popular features of Picsart Pro. This allows you to quickly and easily remove any unwanted background from your photos.
  • Double exposure effect: The double exposure effect is a great way to add some creativity to your photos. This effect allows you to superimpose two images on top of each other to create a unique image.
  • Advanced photo editing tools: Picsart Pro comes with a variety of advanced photo editing tools that you can use to take your photos to the next level. These include things like curves, levels, and HSL tuning.

No Watermark

When it comes to No Watermark images, Picsart Pro is the best app out there. With its vast library of images and editing tools, you can create amazing pictures without any watermarks.


Picsart Pro Apk is an app that allows you to edit photos and create collages. It is a paid app, but it does not have any ads. This makes it a great choice for people who want to avoid seeing ads while they are using an app.

The Picsart Pro Apk app has a lot of features that you can use to edit your photos. You can add filters, frames, and text to your photos. You can also change the color of your photo, and crop it. The app also allows you to create collages.

If you want to use the Picsart Pro Apk app, you will need to pay for it. The app costs $4.99 USD. However, the price is worth it because the app does not have any ads.

Remove Background

Assuming you would like a content section for the Picsart Pro Apk blog article:

Most people think of an image with a white background when they think of product photography. But removing the background from an image isn’t always as simple as it seems. In this article, we will show you how to remove the background from an image using the Picsart Pro app.

First, open the Picsart Pro app and select the “Background Remover” tool. Then, select the area of the image that you want to remove. The app will automatically remove the background from the selected area. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can adjust the settings and try again.

Once you are satisfied with the result, you can save the image or share it with your friends.

Unlock Filters

Most photo editing apps offer a basic set of filters that can be applied to your photos with a few taps. But if you’re looking for more creative control over your photos, you’ll need to unlock the filters.

Picsart Pro gives you access to a library of over 1 million filters, overlays, and effects. You can fine-tune the strength of each effect and even stack multiple effects on top of each other.

If you’re new to photo editing, Picsart Pro also offers a wide variety of tutorials to help you get started. So whether you’re a professional photographer or just getting started, Picsart Pro has the tools you need to take your photos to the next level.

Unlimited Sticker

Stickers are a fun way to add personality to your photos, and with PicsArt Pro, you can use as many as you want! There’s no limit to the number of stickers you can use, so go wild and have fun!

Unlocked Effects

When you upgrade to Picsart Pro, you unlock a number of powerful editing features. With Pro tools, you can fine-tune your images for professional results.

Adjustment Layers:

With adjustment layers, you can apply non-destructive edits to your images. This means that you can go back and adjust your settings at any time.

blending modes:

Pro users have access to blending modes. Blending modes allow you to change the way two images interact with each other. This can be used for creative effects or to fix exposure issues.

Brush Editor:

The brush editor lets you customize Picsart’s brushes to suit your own style. You can change the size, shape, and hardness of the brushes, as well as the dynamics (how the brush behaves when pressure is applied).


Curves is an advanced editing tool that lets you make precise adjustments to the tonal range of your image. With Curves, you can lighten or darken specific areas, or create unique effects not possible with other tools.

What Are The Features Of Picsart Pro Apk?

Picsart Pro Apk is a powerful photo editor with many features that allow you to create beautiful and stunning images. Some of the features of Picsart Pro Apk include:

  • A wide range of filters and effects that can be applied to your photos
  • The ability to create collages with your photos
  • A variety of editing tools that allow you to crop, rotate, and resize your photos
  • The ability to share your creations with other Picsart users or on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram

How To Use Picsart Pro Apk?

If you want to use Picsart Pro Apk, first download the app from the link given below. Once the app is downloaded, open it and sign in with your Google account. After that, select “Picsart Pro” from the main menu.

Now select the image you want to edit and open it in the editor. Once the image is open, apply the filter you want to use. You can also add text, stickers, and effects to your image. When you are done editing, click on the save button.

Your edited image will now be saved in your gallery. You can share it with your friends or family through social media or any other platform.

How To Download And Install Picsart Pro Apk For Free?

Assuming you have an Android device, follow the below steps to download and install Picsart Pro Apk for free.

1) Go to any search engine and type in “Picsart Pro Apk”.

2) Once the search results appear, look for a reliable website that offers the file for download.

3) Download the Picsart Pro Apk file from the website onto your Android device.

4) Locate the downloaded file on your device and tap on it to begin installation.

5) Follow the prompts that appear on your screen to complete installation.

6) Once installed, launch Picsart Pro and start creating amazing artwork!


Overall, we think that Picsart Pro is a great tool for anyone who wants to edit their photos on the go. It’s packed with features, yet still easy to use, and it produces great results. If you’re looking for a mobile photo editor, we definitely recommend checking out Picsart Pro.