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Pixel Lab APK (Latest Version, Android)

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Name PixelLab - Text on pictures
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Version 2.0.7
Size 37 MB
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Updated June 22, 2022
MOD Features (Latest Version, Android)
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Pixel Lab APK Download Mod – The pixel lab apk hack that I discovered, not only gives you unlimited coins but also lets you start off with all the upgrades unlocked from the very beginning of the game!

There’s also another cool feature that this pixel lab apk mod has, and that’s the unlimited money option! This pixel lab modded apk will give you an infinite amount of money so you don’t have to ever worry about having to pay for those upgrades again! And like the other features, this one comes with unlimited coins too!

What Is Pixel Lab APK?

Pixel lab is one of the new and interesting games that have been introduced in recent times. It was initially released in 2017 but its popularity has gone up considerably since it was launched. Players are able to get unlimited gems, coins and rubies through a pixel lab mod apk. Most of these players have preferred to play for longer hours in order to get more resources without spending any money on it. In addition, you can download pixel labs from our site too.

However, before downloading you need to make sure that your device supports android 4.0 or higher versions. This will allow you to play better and enjoy more exciting features as well as graphics while playing it. If your device doesn’t support android 4 or higher versions then there is no point in downloading such games as they will not run properly on your device.

Pixel Lab APK

is a game where you have to guess what word is on photo! All you need to do is just find 5 mistakes on level and after every correct guess, you will have extra 60 seconds for next try. There are more than 50 different levels in total and each of them has 4 difficulty level: easy, medium, hard and expert. For example: harder levels contain bigger images that can be moved around so its not always clear where mistakes are located or letters are blurry which makes it harder to recognize what they say.

To make your life easier there is an option to change background color. You can also see how many mistakes you’ve already found on current level and how many guesses left. If you get stuck, don’t worry because there’s hint button that shows one letter from puzzle at time but if you use all your hints – game ends. Pixel Lab APK is free online puzzle game with amazing graphics and simple gameplay that anyone can enjoy! So what are you waiting for? Download Pixel Lab APK and start playing right now! Good luck!:)

How To Use Pixel Lab APK

Download Pixel Lab APK and Mod game without any payments. How to Download Pixel Lab on Android? Installing Pixel Lab on your device is a simple way to play it instantly, you can download: in-app purchases. Pixel lab game is one of a few games that you want to play! Let’s see some good reviews from users: Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Check out what other gamers are saying about Pixel Lab below. If you have already played for yourself then please share your experience of playing with us by leaving a review below, give suggestions and be part of our community! This is an awesome app, I love all his apps great job!!!!!! -John fredrick I hope everyone enjoys playing pixel lab as much as i do.

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment below and let me know if there are any issues or concerns, or if there is anything we could do to improve your experience while using our site. Thank You. Enjoy Playing Pixel Lab Game Online Free On PC ! Play Now FREE !

Features Of Pixel Lab APK

1. Tap and hold to place a permanent block on your screen with one of 16 colors. 2. Scroll through colors by holding down, or by simply tapping while on a color. 3. Get vibrant colors by mixing red, green, and blue values with an advanced color picker tool. 4. Long-press (tap & hold) and select Blend Colors to combine two colors together in any proportions you want! 5.

Use pixel mode to draw pixel art & export directly to gallery or share it via social media! 6. Colored notification: You can customize color of Pixel Lab icon in status bar 7 yellow LED notification light for new notifications 8. App Shortcuts for fast access 9. Change app theme (light/dark) 10. Change grid size 11. Select different background colors 12. Undo/redo 13. Export images 14. Import images 15. Share images 16. Share as PNG 17. Share as GIF 18. Copy image 19.

How To Download Pixel Lab APK

Download Pixel Lab android apk latest version. Pixel lab is an addictive puzzle game where you have to connect matching colours and beat challenging levels. Over time more shapes get added to your selection, forcing you to think harder and faster. Once you’ve made a match all adjacent tiles of that colour disappear. It sounds simple but it can get pretty hard, especially on later levels with more blocks coming at you, meaning quicker reactions are required!

The game has over 200+ levels and even if you finish them all there is still endless mode which will keep giving you fresh challenges as long as you want. The graphics in pixel lab are stunningly beautiful, they really look like they’re from another world! If your looking for a fun new puzzle game then look no further than pixel lab because its awesome!


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