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Pk Xd Game Download v1.20.3 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

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Name PK XD - Play withyour Friends
Offered By Afterverse
Size 166M
Latest Version 1.20.3
MOD Info (Unlimited Money, Gems, Latest Version)
Update May 4, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Price FREE

Pk Xd Game Download – A Role Playing Game which is all about player vs player combat but with many RPG elements and quests to keep you busy in the meantime. Choose between the classes; Rogues, Warriors, Mages and Necromancers and explore their kits, stats, and skills!

There are also many other things to do such as Guilds and Quests! If you love multiplayer games like Journey To The West or Infestation then this game might be for you! This game was released in October 2016 so there’s plenty of time to become great at it! Pick it up today on Google Play!

What Is PK XD?

PK is a multiplayer game in which players battle each other using Pokemon or creatures that mimic their abilities. You choose from one of three categories – Trainer Battles, Gym Battles, and Alliance Wars. In each mode, you can train your creatures to make them more powerful for future battles. There are 3 types of servers: ranked, non-ranked and special servers (official tournaments).

What Is PK XD?

Player versus player battles work differently depending on whether you’re playing in a ranked or non-ranked server. If you’re playing in a ranked server, you’ll need to wait until enough time has passed since your last battle before being able to challenge someone again.

To beat someone else’s creature, attack it directly; if its health reaches zero first yours wins! The higher level creature will take less damage per hit while also dealing out bigger hits as well as having access to stronger attacks than lower levels.

If both players are at an equal level neither takes extra damage but it’s not necessarily a bad thing because then they’ll be evenly matched when it comes down to using their attacks and dodging. A weak creature doesn’t necessarily mean a weak player because skill beats everything else!

What Is PK XD Mod Apk?

PK XD is a new kind of online battle arena game. It is played with 8 people at a time. Each player chooses one hero character to play with and uses special abilities to kill others or destroy their towers.

What Is PK XD Mod Apk?

During each round of game, two teams fight against each other in a fantasy world. The winning team is decided when all players on one team are killed. In PK xd mod apk you can choose from hundreds of characters who have different skills and personalities, like The King, Archer, The Dragon Knight and many more you can read about it below.

You’ll also get a bunch of items that help you upgrade your power ups which help greatly during your adventures. If you love action packed games then get ready for some fun! Download today for free! This is a great example of how to write a professional blog post. Clearly outlines what is discussed in the video game title. While using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling (the only example I’ve seen so far lol). What we learned: Always label YouTube videos!

How To Play PK XD Mod Apk?

Download PK XD APK, install it and play with friends. We will use Play Store as a server for your game so there are no restrictions in which device you’re using. Server is also compatible with all versions of android from 2.3+ (including lollipop). If you find any bug report it to us on facebook or twitter, we’ll try to fix it ASAP ! Also check our website if you want some cool pokesmans or tips & tricks 🙂 This is an amazing game and we hope you’ll like it !

How To Play PK XD Mod Apk?

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1. Download apk file for Pokémon Sun Moon (Latest Version Name Is PKXD Online) By Clicking The Blue Link Below Then Completely After The Installation Click Start Button Or Continue/ Open It In Some Cases It Doesn’t Appear On Home Screen So I Found The Solution That Need To Update From Google PlayStore Updated Installed Version Works Well Just Follow Above Steps Again :2.

PK XD Gameplay

There are three different game modes in PK XD. First is Conquest mode, which is pretty much what you’d expect from a MOBA. The second is Siege, where teams of five players must defend their base while trying to destroy enemy towers and ultimately take down an Ancient (objective) located at opposing team’s base. Third is Arena, which doesn’t seem to exist in any form right now but appears to be another form of player vs player combat.

PK XD Gameplay

In both Conquest and Siege modes, there are two lanes with jungle areas in between. These contain various neutral monsters that can be fought for buffs once defeated – think leveling up your character in typical RPGs. Except here it actually matters as many of these give a huge boost to stats like movement speed or attack damage on top of damage reduction that can keep you alive when things go bad.

Additionally, just playing games will unlock new cosmetic skins for your champion (in-game avatar). I have yet to try out Arena PvP however so I cannot comment on how it differs from other types in terms of rules and gameplay mechanics, though hopefully we’ll learn more about that during my time with PK XD . Stay tuned!

PK XD Game Features

Battle online with millions of other players from around world in real-time. Join guilds, create or join a clan, and go head-to-head against rivals in massive multiplayer boss raids! Climb your way to number one on global rankings! Play anywhere: smartphone, tablet, or desktop – it’s all free! No download required. Offline play available – no internet connection necessary.

Team up with friends: group up and party together with friends to explore ruins, slay monsters, and loot treasures while enjoying player-versus-player competitive fun via party quests!

Engage in customizable PvP battles (Player vs Player) & PvE coop modes like Clan Battles & Boss Raids where you can fight alongside your allies via 3v3 team battles & take down epic bosses like Chimera & Nidhogg plus more! HD graphics: vivid & dynamic visuals optimized for high end devices such as tablets and smartphones give PK XD its eye-popping appeal while smooth framerates ensure that gameplay is fast & responsive; unique character creation system lets you choose how you look before diving into battle!


As PKXD is heavily inspired by Pokemon and Digimon, one of its biggest perks is definitely going to be all of its adorable (and powerful) virtual pets. Unlike Pokemon or Digimon, however, you don’t have to train your pet to be successful in battle. Instead, these cute critters act more like a friend than an asset. That being said, you can definitely play with and care for them as if they were your pet! What’s really cool about it is that you can even take these digital buddies out with you into battle. And when we say battle, we mean it; every time your little buddy falls in combat, another clone will appear that’s actually 10 percent stronger than before!


You’ll be able to create your own avatar when you play PK XD. There are many different clothes and equipment, if you have enough money to customize your avatar with these items. However, there is still a small chance that you may lose some or all of them in an arena. If you don’t have enough money then choose your equipment carefully, so that your fighting ability is at its maximum potential. After choosing an outfit for yourself then start playing pk xd game online on Pc or android devices. In case if you don’t have any device but wants to install pkxd mod game on PC then follow our tutorial here. Download xd game PKXD MOD APK here.


With PK XD you can join people from all over around in events that take place online and offline. This makes playing with friends much more fun, but even if you don’t have any friends or just started your journey there are plenty of people waiting to become your friend as well! There are many places to meet new friends. First of all, when you start playing it would be a good idea to join a guild. A guild is an alliance of players that cooperate with each other and work together in order to reach their goals faster! Or if you prefer PvP (Player vs Player) battles, PK arenas are right for you. Also, many servers organize events frequently, either teaming up or fighting against other servers.

How To Download PK XD Mod Apk?

Downloading mod apk files is dangerous and it can cause virus or malicious programs to your mobile. Just follow my steps and get PK XD without risks. First of all, open Play Store on your Android Phone and search for a game called PK XD.

Once you have found it, just download it. It is really simple. Now that you have downloaded, Tap Install button to start installing and wait for a couple of minutes for file installation to complete. Launch it now! If you liked our guide about How To Download PK XD Mod Apk , please leave a comment below!