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Reshade v5.9.2 (Pro Edition) – Updated Today

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Name Reshade
Offered By ReShade
Size 3.1 MB
Latest Version 5.9.2
MOD Info (Pro Edition)
Update October 19, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Price FREE

ReShade is a generic post-processing injector that modifies game colors and lighting in many games and multimedia applications. You may play any game and dabble with post-processing without being banned.

About Reshade

ReShade just modifies existing game post-processing, thus it’s not cheating. Get the latest ReShade, install it, and use it for free using these steps. Want to improve and beautify your game? If so, try Reshade. Crosire invented Reshade, a post-processing injector. Reshade may greatly improve your games’ visuals thanks to its large user base.

Reshade enables you “inject” a preset into your games by modifying their shaders. It uses OpenGL, Vulkan, and DirectX. The game’s graphics are then altered, either by increasing saturation or changing colors.

While Reshade’s usage is subjective, user downloads provide a broad variety of upgrades. Many of these modifications appear to improve the game’s visual appeal in ways the original couldn’t. Reshade’s presets in GTAV, Counter-Strike, and Watch Dogs show how versatile it is.

Crosire warns that Reshade’s usage of higher system resources in games indicates good operation. Crosire considers this notice an indication that the software is working properly.

Features Of Reshade

Multiple Uses Of Reshade

Reshade is a sophisticated post-processing program with many options to improve your gaming experience. Let’s examine two of them further.

Set Custom Defaults

The ability to develop and distribute custom presets is one of Reshade’s most important features. Players may change the game’s colors, brightness, and more. Show off your customized game to friends and family with this upgrade.

Simple To Use Interface

Reshade’s easy-to-use interface lets you customize and fine-tune the software. Updating site material shouldn’t be difficult since the program is easy to master.

Greater Efficiency In All Areas

Reshade’s performance has been optimized to avoid game slowdown. Your games using more resources is a good sign that the software is working. However, the game runs normally.

Inspired By Neighborhood

Users may share custom settings with the Reshade community. Since the program has so many users, individuals are encouraged to share their personalized settings. People may easily pick a default option that works for them.

Reshade contrasts with other editing tools since it is one of several post-processing options available. ENB, SweetFX, and GemFX are among numerous utilities. The table below compares Reshade to several different editing programs:


ENB post-processing improves game graphics. ENB’s user interface is more complicated than Reshade’s, making it harder to use. Reshade has several parameters, whereas ENB has few.


Another post-processing tool for game graphics is SweetFX. SweetFX is weaker and lacks Reshade’s features. Reshade is less popular than SweetFX and has fewer settings.


GemFX is another game graphics post-processor. GemFX lacks customizing possibilities and is weaker than Reshade. GemFX has fewer settings and is less popular than Reshade.

Installation Instructions For Reshade

Reshade’s setup is simple. Keep the “SweetFX Configurator” on your computer and follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the link. We just need it from you. After automatically detecting your game, you may customize your experience by altering the setup box choices.

Reshade supports 2725 games, however not all have online presets. However, because the program is user-friendly and uploading content to the website appears easy, you may do things on your own.

If you wish to use the program’s enormous library of compatible games, start right away because the community is active on forums and Discord.


The post-processing injector Reshade has many users who want to improve game graphics. A better gaming experience includes adjustable settings, mobility between platforms, an easy UI, improved performance, and collaborative creativity. Reshade has the most tools and presets for post-processing. Reshade improves game performance and aesthetics.