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Teaching Feeling Apk 3.0.19 (Cheat Menu, 100% Working Mod)

Name Teaching Feeling
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Version 2.5.2
Size 753M
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Updated August 3, 2022
MOD Features Cheat Mod Menu
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There’s no denying that Teaching Feeling can be a fantastic way to make your life much easier, if you do it right. There are many things that can be done with it, and some of them are certainly more applicable than others.

It’s important to know how to get the most out of your application of Teaching Mod Apk, so that you get the best results you can manage with it. This article will go over some tips on how to do just that, and give you some examples on how to apply them in real life situations.

What Is Teaching Feeling?

As its name suggests, Teaching Feeling is all about emotions. In particular, how to teach children how to recognize and understand their own feelings. The app is based on The Feleing Wheel and focuses on four core feelings: angry, sad, happy and afraid. Kids can explore each feeling by tapping icons or spinning wheels, which load fun facts about that emotion.

What Is Teaching Feeling?

There are also videos featuring clips from popular television shows that help kids better understand what they’re experiencing. Additionally, there are three language-learning games kids can play to practice expressing themselves in a variety of ways (i.e., writing words down). While these games don’t translate into any sort of data for parents or teachers (like some other language apps do), they do serve as a good introduction for preschoolers who may be interested in learning more about writing.

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What Is Teaching Feeling Mod Apk?

Feelings are powerful creatures. They impact how we interact with people, how we react to situations, and even how we see ourselves. This week, I’m sharing some tips on teaching your children to be thoughtful of others feelings. One of my favorite things about being a parent is that it gives me a chance to teach my children right from wrong and give them tools they can use as adults.

Teaching kids to understand their emotions and those of others will help them become caring and kind human beings who make meaningful connections in their own lives. Additionally, giving kids tools they can use to identify emotions will also help them control their emotions when life becomes overwhelming or difficult.

We’ve already talked here before about giving kids emotional intelligence (EQ) skills by modeling empathetic reactions when dealing with conflict at home , but kids also need experience identifying their own feelings so they feel comfortable expressing themselves with empathy for others.

Teaching Feeling Gameplay

This is a small platform game in which you will be placed inside a man’s head. Use your mind to control his arms and legs. Use your skills of telepathy to guide him through each obstacle. All you have to do is focus on an obstacle and he will walk towards it, jump over it or go around it depending on what obstacles appear and where they are placed.

Teaching Feeling Gameplay

As you progress further into his subconsciousness new obstacles will appear making things more difficult for our friend but also more fun! If you like games such as Limbo, Inside, Fez etc., then you will love Teaching Feeling!

Teaching Feeling Mod Apk Game Features

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How To Download Teaching Feeling Mod Apk?

Most people want to know about how to download Teaching Feeling Mod Apk . So, here you will learn how to do it easily. You should start from downloading Bluestacks Emulator from given link. After downloading Bluestacks, install it on your system. Don’t worry! It is an easy process.

Now open Bluestacks and search Teaching Feeling in Google Play Store. You can see Teaching Feeling icon on your homepage of Bluestacks app player and click on that icon. That’s all you have to do for How To Download Teaching Feeling Mod Apk? In order to play mod version, then you must be rooted or jailbroken devices or else it will not work properly.