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Wifi Analyzer APK v3.11.2 (Remove Ads, Free Purchase)

Name Wifi Analyzer
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Size 1.8M
Latest Version 3.11.2
MOD Info (Remove Ads, Free Purchase)
Update April 3, 2023 (2 months ago)
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Price FREE

Wifi Analyzer is one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play and with almost one million users it’s safe to say that this app will be very useful to anyone who owns an Android phone or tablet.

This tool allows you to see all of the Wi-Fi networks around you, check their signal strength, and even view all the devices connected to any of these networks. When you run Wifi Analyzer app, it scans the nearby area, looks for Wi-Fi networks and shows them on the map so you can easily see where they are located and how strong their signals are.

What Is Wifi Analyzer APK?

Wifi analyzer APK is a program that lets you monitor all of your wifi connections and stats. It’s one of those tools that always comes in handy, especially if you’re running a home network or trying to fix one at work. You can use it to track down interference, see which devices are connected to each access point, and even estimate signal strength and throughput.

As long as you have some basic networking knowledge, Wifi analyzer APK can be a useful tool for fixing both business and home networks, making it worth installing on any Android device. There are a few different versions available, so let’s take a look at how they compare with each other.

Okay, so maybe I lied—there aren’t too many versions of Wifi Analyzer APK out there right now. There’s three: standard (free), light (free), and pro ($2). The biggest difference between them is whether they include ads.

If you’re only looking for an occasional readout of signal strength/bandwidth usage then go with one of the free versions; they offer almost identical featureset otherwise (which we’ll cover below). Now let’s take a closer look at what makes these tools unique! wlan[pro] has had two big updates since last year.

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Wifi Analyzer APK?

Wifi analyzer is an app that helps you to find out which routers are around you. The Wifi Scanner will help you to recognize which routers are available and gives information about their level of security. It’s an application useful for those who wish to use wireless network without having to pay a fee. Unlike other apps, wifi analyzer mod apk doesn’t need any root access in order to work well.

So if you have your android device working with a normal interface or even with no connection at all, then you can still use wifi analyzer apk mod download 2017 as it doesn’t require a rooted phone in order to work correctly. However, if you want to enjoy some extra features along with downloading free wifi analyzer apk , such as unlimited features, then there are ways to get them while also maintaining your non-rooted status.

There are applications like XAPK MOD that allows you to install specific applications without rooting, just by granting permissions requested by developers in exchange for money. You can search online on how to do so easily. As we said earlier, wifi analyzer is completely different from others as it doesn’t require root access nor does it request special permissions.

This makes wi fi analyzer app review better than many of its competitors both regarding installation methods and connectivity conditions . Although if you do manage to install wi fi analyzer apk manually through internet, then don’t forget reading our guide on WiFi password hacking tips . Still another advantage one might ask? Well apart from being open source (meaning there’s nothing hidden), WiFi scanner uses extremely low battery!

How To Use Wifi Analyzer APK?

Open Wifi analyzer apk, and you will see a list of WiFi hotspots around you. Each is listed with its signal strength in dBm and an estimated distance in meters. Click on one to get more details (SSID, MAC address, security type) about it. Click again to close that window and check out another network’s details. To save your favorite network for future reference, tap on its entry and tap Add to favorites at bottom right corner.

This app makes surfing easier as it lets you know where all available WiFi networks are located around you! Download our free Wifi Analyzer apk mod below to enjoy unlimited data of any internet provider anywhere anytime! Subscribe to 3GB FREE monthly here.

For getting wifi passwords with ease go through following step by step procedure: First download wifinetworkmanager apk (you can find it easily on google), after successful downloading wifi manager apk open using bluestacks or bluestacks emulator . Once open successfully click on wifi manager setup button then enter desired information like name ,network password or SSID & login details and click continue button . Now just wait & watch till welcome message appear you have successfully connected to desired/selected WiFi & now change your default setting into home or trusted network setting.

Wifi Analyzer Mod Features

When you select a SSID from list, you will see its basic information, including MAC address and BSSID. If you long click on one of them, it will pop up another screen with following information: RSSI value, Channel number, Noise value and supported rate values for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. By clicking on each rate value (e.g., 24Mbps), a new screen appears with detailed statistics about that particular channel/band including Graphs (with checkboxes).

You can also reset all graphs by clicking Reset Graphs button. You can also export results in CSV format (check Export to CSV). The Screen containing detailed channel statistics contains 3 tabs: Channel Usage Graph, AP Details Table and Channel Noise Table . On Channel Usage graph, there are 4 vertical lines which indicate different time periods: previous 60 seconds (in light green color), previous minute (in dark green color), previous 5 minutes and previous 1 hour.

And all these vertical lines have corresponding horizontal lines showing actual usage of that particular channel over specified time period expressed as percentage value. By default, Wifi Analyzer uses Preferred mode to calculate percentages which means only WiFi clients using same wireless router as yours will be counted towards total usage on selected wireless channel/band.

Remove Ads

Free software can be annoying, especially when it comes to ads. The Internet is littered with them, and sometimes we inadvertently click on one that we don’t want to see. So why not get rid of all ads in a free app? The Wifi Analyzer app has an option that allows you to remove all ads from within its program—and in return you pay nothing.


Premium Unlocked

Download wifi analyzer apk latest version Premium Unlocked. Wifi Analyzer – is an application for analyzing and monitoring a WiFi network for devices running Android OS. The app can monitor and display data rates, signal levels (RSSI), noise levels, channel load information, and other parameters that affect wireless performance.

How To Download Wifi Analyzer APK?

First of all, you need to make sure that you have a working internet connection on your android device. Then, you can download WiFi analyzer apk by installing it from Google play store. But before downloading and installing it on your device, make sure that you have updated google play store app in your android phone or tablet.

When installed and opened for first time, it will ask for root permission to connect with ADB server which lets you see real-time stats about what’s going on with available Wifi channels around you. You will find all these channels with different signal strength and channel number on top of the screen when wifi analyser is launched.