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Xvid Video Codec v1.3.7 (Latest Version, Android)

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Advance Media
Name Xvid Video Codec
Offered By Advance Media
Size 15 MB
Latest Version 1.3.7
MOD Info (Latest Version, Android)
Update January 23, 2024 (4 months ago)
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Price FREE

Xvid media files may not play on your computer? Download the free Xvid Video Codec. You may adjust your device’s settings for optimal viewing. It plays any Xvid video and is lightweight due to its file compressor. With its high compression ratio, you may save space on your hard disk without sacrificing movie quality.

About Xvid Video Codec

Advanced software like the Xvid Video Codec lets your computer play several video files. The GNU General Public License licenses the open-source software. The application mostly encodes Xvid videos. These videos are encoded in MPEG-4 Part2 ASP, not MP4. Simply said, the video files are compressed to transport quickly and save disk space.

Xvid instantly decompresses and restores the movie to its original quality, so you may play it in any MPEG-4 or MP4 video player on your computer. Smart TVs, DVD players, and Blu-ray players support the codec.

Features Of Xvid Video Codec

The Xvid Video Codec’s main function is to play video and audio files. In addition to MPEG-4, the codec supports several more file formats that contemporary systems almost ignore.

While its main role is decompressing video files, Xvid includes other useful functions.

Video Compression Is Advised

The Xvid file compressor may shrink big files. It works like ZIP applications but can handle much bigger video files. The Xvid program discards data not needed during playback to minimize file size while retaining video quality. This method preserves the filename. Uncompressed PAL HD digital movies may take up over 100 terabytes. The file size may be reduced to 500 MB after compression using Xvid’s 200:1 compression ratio.

Convert Your Video Files

The Xvid Video Codec includes Xvid MiniConvert for convenience. Any MP3 or AVI file may be converted. It supports MPEG-4, H263, MKV, WMV, MP4, and DivX/Dx50 codecs. Xvid can readily compress files after converting them to one of its supported formats.

Practicality Of Xvid Miniconvert

The app’s straightforward UI makes learning MiniConvert easy. Choose a target directory before uploading the original file. A progress indicator shows when the MiniConveter is finished converting. Restore it. Your video file will stay the same using the Xvid compressor. Select “Restore Default.” to restore the file to its original state.

Collaboration With Outside Parties

Xvid Video Codec is compatible with various applications, extending its capabilities. Menu, subtitle, and dubbing add-ons are available.

Media Player Codec Pack: Free Xvid Alternatives

The free codec package decompresses all audio and video files and works with most media players. It supports 480i, SD, HD, and Full HD (720p) video.

The Product Is K-lite Codec Pack

A user-friendly codec bundle that supports most unusual file types. It plays audio and video files and lets you customize encoding and decoding.

Methods To Remove Xvid

  • If your video file doesn’t function with Xvid, you may remove it.
  • Search “Add or Remove Programs” in Windows and press Enter to open the menu.
  • Find Xvid Video Codec in the list of installed apps and click “Uninstall.”
  • After you accept to uninstall the program, it will be deleted from your computer.
  • If you need a video codec, try these Xvid Video Codec options.

How To Download And Install Xvid Video Codec For Free On Your Pc

Download the Free Xvid Video Codec for Your Computer. Clicking the download button opens the official Xvid download page in a new tab. Whatever Mirror link you click in the Windows box will download the EXE setup file to your PC. Windows users may get Xvid here. Opening the EXE file starts the installation automatically. Select your language and click OK. The Next button begins installation. After reading the licensing agreement and selecting “Next,” you’re done. Click Next to alter the destination folder or leave it as is. The Xvid codec alerts users of updated versions. After choosing to be alerted of changes or check for them yourself, click Next. Play with codec settings. Select your options and click Next. Your specified content types may be played back by Xvid. All three alternatives are suggested. Xvid codec may be altered. Software setup on your PC is automated. You may continue after clicking Finish.