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Your Boyfriend Game – Horror Visual Game Free To Play

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Name Your Boyfriend Game
Offered By BlackShepherd
Size 50M
Latest Version 1.0
MOD Info Unlocked Version
Update December 4, 2023 (6 months ago)
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The lifelike graphics are another good element of this game. The battle of Union City was the deciding one. This is a great chance for FPS aficionados. If you appreciate books and want to experience them virtually, check out our great program. This program provides a captivating tale and a dating experience that might go either way. Your Boyfriend Game is an excellent dating simulation with a compelling story.

About Your Boyfriend Game

New York City’s park is the game’s initial scene. A stranger approaches you on a bench. Talking to him reveals that he has been following you for a while. He persuades you to date him, and you comply. He’ll behave odd in other settings and attempt to persuade you after that.

Fascinating Your Boyfriend Game

Abduction, suicide, stalking, and other frightening events will soon become part of your love story as it inevitably takes a dark turn. Since it promotes aggressive conduct and might be disturbing to certain players’ psyches, this game is not suitable for kids. However, upon closer inspection, it emerges as a mystery/thriller with a surprising number of plot twists. Using the Your Boyfriend Mod APK will get you free access to all of the game’s premium content, including all of the game’s unique items and an endless supply of money.

Your Boyfriend Game Features:

Here are just a few of Your Boyfriend Game Full’s many fantastic options:

Quite the Brainiac

This is a fun and fast game that might bring you and your companion some laughs. Laughing together and giving you both a chance to impress him will strengthen your relationship and make it unlikely that he would ever leave you.

A Sweet Romantic Game

You may feel more romantic in this game, making you seem extremely cool, and engaging in beautiful conversation with your spouse as a result. Overall, it’s a really romantic game. We hope that by making this new and exciting game accessible to you here on our website, you will be able to meet the right person and start a healthy relationship with them.

Totally Customizable

In addition to playing at your own pace, keeping your partner close, and chatting with him, you also have the option of customizing how the game is played. You can change your strategy in this, you can change the game, you can play this game as you want, and you can retain your partner if you like.

Get Over Your Crazed Guy

Despite the fact that dating games are great times for everyone involved since they include so many heartwarming scenes, some of them also have a crazy lover. Yet, their storylines and gameplay are almost identical. You should play Your Boyfriend if you’re tired of the same old game. This dating sim is riskier since your stalker partner has mental illness and might hurt you in social circumstances. You will need to discuss next steps and bargain with him.

Terrifying Tale

The unique notion of this game transforms a tender love story into a horror story in which you must suffer through a series of terrifying events, adding to the game’s tension and suspense. You shouldn’t play this game if you have heart problems because of the tension it might cause. The game’s narrative is based on a book, making it perfect for readers. You may know it as “Virtual Novel.” The storyline will seem to turn at every turn, giving the sense that you are reading a book, and the stakes will increase in line with this idea.

Choices To Make

Winning requires clever judgments at important moments. Any time in the game, your friend might become your worst threat. Choose the best option if provided to avoid trouble. Parents don’t need to worry since the game warns that it may harm kids’ mental health. Those who are easily upset or who have a fragile emotional core should also avoid this activity.

Amazing Graphics

The game’s amazing graphics enhance an already intriguing experience. If you’re in a risky situation in the game, it’ll seem genuine enough to scare you. Someone professes to support you and tortures your thoughts. However, once you possess him, he causes you mental misery. Sometimes he uses violence and may abduct or murder someone for you. This game may teach players about significant societal concerns, benefiting society. This game will teach you how to manage perilous circumstances and individuals.

Your Boyfriend Game Download

You must go elsewhere to get Your Boyfriend Mod APK, which is not provided officially. Our website offers virus-free downloads of this game. Follow these easy steps to get the latest game:

  • An APK file may be downloaded to your phone in a compressed format.
  • Now, launch your device’s file manager and set aside some room for the APK to be installed.
  • To get the Your Boyfriend Mod APK, use the download link we just gave.
  • To install programs from sources other than the app store, you must first activate this feature in your phone’s settings.


One possible explanation for Your Boyfriend’s popularity is because its central idea is so fresh and original: your insane boyfriend would do everything to obtain those five days with you. Downloading this game needs the internet. You may play offline after downloading the game.

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