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Youtube Kids APK – Download For Android Latest

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Google LLC
Name YouTube Kids
Offered By Google LLC
Size 75M
Latest Version 8.43.2
MOD Info Ads-Free
Update November 5, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Price FREE

Children nowadays have an increasing thirst for internet media, so they need a safe, age-appropriate environment to learn and play. This app, a mobile software dedicated to this aim, focuses on it. YouTube Kids APK, why parents and guardians trust it, and its features, benefits, and drawbacks are explained in this post.

About YouTube Kids APK

YouTube Kids APK is a kid-friendly version of the popular video-sharing network. Kids can see a variety of adult-selected kid-friendly films in a safe and carefully curated setting. The APK format lets users install and use the software without official app stores, giving them more autonomy.

Features Of YouTube Kids APK

For parents worried about their kids’ internet time, the YouTube Kids APK has several appealing features, including:

Child-Friendly Interface

A clean, straightforward design and bright colors make the app’s UI child-friendly. More visible icons, simplified menus, and straightforward control options make it user-friendly.

Age-Appropriate Content

Kids of all ages may watch live performances, animated shorts, and instructive videos on This app. Video is subdivided by age to ensure youngsters see age-appropriate material.

Parental Controls

Flexible parental control options let parents customize their kids’ watching experiences. These options let you ban keywords, limit video access, and monitor user viewing patterns.

Customizable Profiles

Parents may customize the software for their children by creating profiles based on their ages and interests.

Built-In Search Function

The software makes it easy for kids to locate movies, but only safe and kid-friendly ones will display in their search results.

Content Blocking

When parents can ban problematic films or channels, they have greater control over their children’s internet exposure.

Offline Viewing

This app lets kids watch their favorite videos offline by downloading and storing them.

Safe Viewing Environment

This app creates a secure, parentally controlled YouTube experience. Less exposure to hazardous marketing and material may provide parents peace of mind.

Educational Content

This app’s many instructive videos help youngsters learn and grow. Parents might use it to complement their child’s education.


The This app lets parents customize the app to their child’s age and watching habits for a more engaging experience.

Parental Control

Advanced parental control capabilities allow parents to limit their children’s media exposure and time spent with each.

Offline Access

Downloading movies for offline viewing is useful in regions without internet or when traveling overseas.

Considerations And Limitations

This app has many benefits, but parents should be aware of its drawbacks.

Content Screening

YouTube Kids removes harmful and deceptive material using automatic and human moderators, but some may still get through. To customize their kids’ internet experience, parents should monitor and employ parental control options.


Although this app provides a secure environment, it may show ads. These advertisements are made for kids and age-appropriate. Subscribe to YouTube Kids Premium to eliminate ads.

Screen Time Management

Despite the app’s time limitations and parental settings, parents must monitor their child’s screen usage and balance it with other activities.


Parents may use the YouTube Kids APK to provide their kids a secure, age-appropriate, and age-accessible online area. The app balances fun and learning for all ages with its kid-friendly design, carefully chosen content, strict parental settings, and educational activities. At a time when kids are increasingly exposed to inappropriate material, this app offers a secure and enjoyable online video experience. It has limits, but it can help parents educate their kids how to use digital media securely and