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The Lost Fate Of The Oni Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems)

Genius Inc
Name The Lost Fate of the Oni: Otome Romance Game
Offered By Genius Inc
Version 2.1.10
Size 75M
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Updated February 9, 2022
MOD Features (Unlimited Gems)
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The Lost Fate Of The Oni Mod Apk is the most exciting free downloading game for android devices from the talented developers at the studio that brought us the hit ROOMBA Darkness. Since the launch of ROOMBA Dark, the games industry has really been changing. Most of the games now offer great graphic quality, incredible sound quality and also offer many addictive elements. ROOMBA has really upped the ante with the games they have developed and now offers the exciting the Lost Fate of the Oni Mod. If you are looking for a new download on your android device then the Lost Fate of the Oni Mod is an excellent download.

In the tale of the Lost Fates of the Oni Mod, you play the role as the warrior demon hunter Higan as he stumbles across the wilds of Asia on the search for the lost sister of his late father. The story takes place in the near future Japan where the ninja tribes wage war against the Chinese military. You find yourself in the center of the conflict when the three demons from hell have decided to wage a personal war against the humans.

The Lost Fate of the Oni Mod tells the thrilling tale of the beautiful Japanese girl, Higan, who was taken away by the Chinese soldiers as a spy. You help her escape and thus learn about the reason behind the brutal attacks on the Japanese city. This fantastic adventure-thriller ‘The Lost Fate of the Oni Mod’ gives every wish to the player as he searches the dark internet for the mysterious mastermind behind the attack.

The Lost Fate Of The Oni Mod Features 

The Oni Mod has the intriguing characteristic of not giving the player a strong lead role that could have made the game dull and monotonous. Instead the story is told through the character’s actions and the journey undertaken by the girl, Higan, along with the rest of the characters in the game. The modifies the usual story-driven game, making it an engrossing experience for all the players who love adventure stories. The game presents the characters with a new chance to save the world, just as the main lead protagonist of the story, Higan, did, at the end of the story.

The main story of the game revolves around Higan and his encounter with three demons which had been sent to steal the fortune of the three-year-old princess, Ayame. The princess and her friend, Tsubasa, must defeat the three demons to win the riches. Higan along with the rest of the characters go through several historical events before the story of the game unfolds. The story then depicts the princess and her people as the good guys battling the three-headed dragon, Oni, which has been sent to protect the kingdom from the three-headed dragon and has been given the task of protecting the princess by the God of Wealth, Katsuhiro.

The Lost Fate Of The Oni Storyline

This popular Japanese role-playing-game revolves around a boy named Higan who lives in a peaceful town called Sansho on the Izu islands. One day, when he went out to study alone, he suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. He later told his family members about his illness but the truth was still unknown to them. When his grandmother, Momo, who was the main bread winner for the whole family went missing, the whole town came to know about his illness. As the town was in need of money, the whole family had to work part-time jobs in order to make ends meet.

Searching the PC took the life of the boy who was the main character. He was searching for the hidden skill he needed as the PC game needed him to have the skills to become the greatest skillful PC game player so he could give every wish to the princess. The boy was only 14 years old at the time but he already used the PC game to solve the mystery behind the lost skill. As the story continued, the boy was faced with the hardest obstacle yet – the PC itself.

The PC gamers will be able to discover the hidden power inside the PC mod version of the game through the hidden skill tree. Each skill has a series of images that represents the different stage of the skill tree. The PC users will be able to find the complete list of the images by searching the words “PC gamers Search Engine.” They can also find the links of the web pages that feature the hidden PC mod apk and android